‘Landscape tuning’ a new project for the Danube, at Architekturgalerie München

The exhibition shows the plans for the re-naturation and re-design of the Danube river edges, proposing an urban park with a new path and stations. Drawings, models, projections and an audio-visual installation create an immersive environment where this unique project and its suggested interventions can be experienced.


'Landschaft Stimmung' exhibition at Architekturgalerie München © Photo: Saskia Wehler

‘Landschaft Stimmung’ exhibition at Architekturgalerie München © Photo: Saskia Wehler


Architektur Galerie München presents a long term, landscape research project by OFICINAA architects. By the name of “Landschaft Stimmung” – landscape tuning -, the project comprises a research and study phase, in which the Danube’s river edges are comprehensively studied through photographs, drawings and technical landscaping plans in collaboration with local communities; followed by a second, creative phase in which the architects propose several installations and architectural implements to improve the citizen’s relationship with this iconic landscape.

Together with the exhibition, the recently published book “Landscape tunings” showing the project is presented. To learn more about the book, published by ACTAR, press here(more…)

“Treacherous Transparencies” book by Jacques Herzog & Pierre de Meuron

Treacherous Transparencies analyzes transparency as expressed in architecture and art in an attempt to understand the intentions and objectives that underlie its use by pertinent architects and artists.


Mies van der Rohe, Farnsworth House © Pierre de Meuron

Mies van der Rohe, Farnsworth House © Pierre de Meuron


The publication looks at a few important works by selected artists and architects who work with transparency as an artistic strategy, which they implement primarily by using glass and mirrors but other media as well. The architects and artists listed together in this context form an unlikely alliance: Bruno Taut, Ivan Leonidov, Marcel Duchamp, Mies van der Rohe, Dan Graham, and Gerhard Richter. But they do have something in common: their work marks salient way stations in the story of modernism up to the present day. (more…)

“Vertical Urban Factory”, a history of industrial architecture presented by Actar Publishers

Nina Rappaport presents her new book, discovering the transformation of industrial architecture from Nineteenth-Century vertical factories into Twenty first-Century Industrial Districts and their relationship with the cities.


Valdemingomez recycling plant, Ábalos+Herreros © Ábalos+Herreros

Valdemingomez recycling plant, Ábalos+Herreros © Ábalos+Herreros


The architecture editors and publishers Actar have recently published “Vertical Urban Factory” , focused on the history and evolution of the Industry throughout the architecture in the last centuries.  The book follows the development of the first factories into present-time industrial districts, analyzing its impact on urban design and the transformation of the industrial architecture itself. (more…)