“Swim City” at AIT ArchitekturSalon München

For the first time, the exhibition “Swim City” draws attention to a contemporary phenomenon in urban space: river swimming as a mass movement – a Swiss invention of the 21st century. For decades, cities such as Basel, Bern, Zurich and Geneva have gradually opened up the river as a natural, public resource in the built environment


+Pool © Family New York, courtesy Friends of +POOL


The river became an entertainment spot right on the doorstep, firmly anchored in everyday life. The foreign countries admire the bathing culture on the Rhine, the Aare, the Limmat and the Rhone. Cities such as Paris, Berlin, London and New York see it as a model of how they can regain their riverine areas as a spatial resource in order to sustainably improve people’s urban quality of life. Curators: Barbara Buser, Basel architect and rheine expert; Andreas Ruby, Director S AM. For filming, the S AM collaborates with the Zurich director Jürg Egli, who creates a large-scale triple-screen projection that will show the experience of river swimming from the perspective of the swimmer. This has allowed for the river to become a place of leisure located right in front of one’s doorstep. The rest of the world looks on in awe at this bathing culture.


“Swim City”
14 November, 2019 – 12 January, 2020
AIT ArchitekturSalon München
Hotterstraße 12, 80331 München


Here, cities abroad see an example of how they can reclaim their river areas as a spatial resource, so as to sustainably improve the quality of urban life. The exhibition shows the unique characteristics and historic development of river swimming in Basel, Bern, Zurich and Geneva. An immersive film installation allows visitors to experience these four cities from the perspective of a swimmer in the river. In addition, the exhibition presents contemporary river-swimming projects from around the world: Flussbad Berlin, POOL IS COOL (Brüssel), Thames Baths (London), Ilot Vert (Paris), Charles River Swimming Initiative (Boston) and +POOL (New York).


+Pool © Family New York, courtesy Friends of +POOL


The exhibition is curated by: Barbara Buser, Andreas Ruby, Yuma Shinohara, Film installation: Jürg Egli.


+Pool, Collage © Family New York, courtesy Friends of +POOL

POOL IS COOL, Guerilla-Schwumm / Guerilla swim © Paul Steinbrück / POOL IS COOL

Ilot Vert, Prototyp / prototype © Ilot Vert

Ilot Vert, Rendering © Ilot Vert

Flussbad Berlin, Ansicht des Schwimmbereichs / view of the swimming area © realities:united / Flussbad Berlin e.V.

Flussbad Berlin, Axonometrie / axonometric plan © realities:united / Flussbad Berlin e.V.

Kamerafloss / camera float, Basel Making Of Film © Jürg Egli

POOL IS COOL, Aktion / action «North Beach» © Paul Steinbrück / POOL IS COOL

Kamerafloss / camera float, Basel Making Of Film © Nora Wüthrich

POOL IS COOL, Installation «The Biggest Pool» © Paul Steinbrück / POOL IS COOL

Thames Baths, City Hall Baths © Studio Octopi & Picture Plane

Thames Baths, South Bank Baths © Studio Octopi & Picture Plane


News source: S AM
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