Quito’s Pan-american Biennale 2014

One of South America’s most relevant architectural events has just taken place in Ecuador, from November 17th to 19th.


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The Bienal Panamericana de Arquitectura de Quito (Quito’s Panamerican Architectural Biennale) started its XIX edition on November 17th, under the motto of “From the house to the city, from the city to the house”. This event, honoured by Ecuador’s National Assembly and considered as one of the most relevant of its kind in South America, enables since 1978 a meeting point for architecture professionals to show their work and share contemporary ideas in an inclusive, discussion-friendly environment.

This year’s edition aimed to bring up “a new focus” for -and on– architectural practice. In a context of excessive exploitation of natural resources, and in search of non-commercial solutions, the curators propose to “broaden the scope of architecture, expanding its focus of attention, thus changing from fragmentary to global, from dogmatic to complex, from an anthropocentric point of view to a comprehensive ecological point of view, integrating our own discourse with that of other disciplines.”


Opening session of BAQ 2014
Lectures on the first day: Miguel Robles Durán, Fadhila Mammar and Gyaw Gyaw
Lectures on the second day: Santiago del Hierro, Alexander Brodsky, Juhani Pallasmaa, Anupama Kundoo and Smiljan Radic
Lectures on the third day: Jesús Aparicio (first on the left), Jorge Morán, Anders Nyquist and Javier Corvalán.
Lectures on the fourth day: Amann, Cánovas & Maruri, Adamo & Faiden, Alberto Mozó, Hrvoje Njiric and Juan Herreros.
Award ceremony
Award ceremony


In this sense, the lecturers at the Seminario Académico (the Academic Seminar -a series of concerences lasting the whole week) where not only distinct from each other beacuse of their place of origin, but also in their areas of expertise, with over 20 participants through the week. The Academic Seminar, the Biennale’s main axis -which has brought together over 1500 architects in the last years-  was divided into five topics: “from the individual to collectivity”, with the participation of Miguel Robles Durán, Fadhila Mammar and Gyaw Gyaw; “from disciplinarity to cross-disciplinarity”, with Santiago del Hierro, Alexander Brodsky, Juhani Pallasmaa, Anupama Kundoo and Smiljan Radic; “from consumption to resources”, with the participation of Jesús Aparicio -coordinator of the BigMat International Architecture Award- as well as Jorge Morán, Anders Nyquist and Javier Corvalán; “from the object to the system” with architects Amman, Cánovas & Maruri, Adamo & Faiden, Alberto Mozó, Hrvoje Njiric and Juan Herreros; and “from the house to the city”, with Ángel Panero, Rahul Mehrotra and biologist Salvador Rueda.


In addition, the awards of the Concurso de Confrontación (comparison competition) were also presented to the winners, chosen from the 561 entries for architectural projects and publications in South america in the last four years. The awards were divided into categories for New architecture, Restoration, Social housing, Urban design and landscaping, and Critical practice. The jury was made up of 23 experts from the field, comprising Juhani Pallasmaa (Finland), Alberto Mozó (Chile), Mauricio Rocha (Mexico), Florencio Compte (Ecuador) and Roberto Moscoso (Ecuador). The award winners for the category of Architectural Design were Enrique Mora Alvarado (Ecuador) for Casa Convento and CCArquitectos (Mexico) for Proyecto Ecuestre. All the winners and finalists of this and other categories can be seen clicking here .


Information via BAQ’s official website