“Quai des Queyries” MVRDV at Arc en Rêve Bordeaux

Arc en rêve architecture center continues the cycle of exhibitions architectures here dedicated to projects made here in the territory of the Bordeaux metropolis. The selected operations, of remarkable character, are the result of an ambition shared between the owner and the architect.


Ilot Queyries ©Ivan Mathie MVRDV architectes


The quai des Queyries exhibition is dedicated to the project of Winy Maas / MVRDV, here at the Bastide, right bank of the Garonne in Bordeaux, with a perspective of his work in the four corners of the world. “Combining the freedom and social cohesion of neighborhood living with the necessary urban density”


Practical information

“Quai des Queyries”
14 March – 26 May , 2019
Architecture Center Arc en Rêve
7 Rue Ferrere, 33000 Bordeaux


Queyries islet is a housing program on two hectares. In 2015, BMA * organized a consultation of architects-planners at the request of the city of Bordeaux. The Winy Maas / MVRDV project has been selected. Kaufman & Broad, project owner realizes this tailor-made project with agency MVRDV and JA Joubert Architecture, which associate local architects: Flint, Cécile Moga and Schurdi-Levraud architecture.
Winy Maas / MVRDV is also the developer of the new Bastide-Niel district, which will be built by Bastide-Niel, a Bordeaux Métropole dealer.


Exposition quai des Queyries ©R-Escher

Exposition quai des Queyries ©R-Escher


The Queyries islet is an emblematic operation involved in the transformation of the Bastide. With its particular density, the project gives the architectural and urban tone of the future district Bastide-Niel.


Exposition quai des Queyries ©R-Escher

Exposition quai des Queyries ©R-Escher


This bias echoes the concept of urban village or intimate city developed for several years by MVRDV through different urban projects in the world. Winy Maas raises the question: “Can we combine the freedom and social cohesion of neighborhood life with the necessary urban density?”


News source: arc en rêve
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