“Oltre i Confini” photography by Paolo Gotti

The “Oltre i Confini” exhibition will open on Saturday, December 14th at 6.30pm in which the Bolognese photographer Paolo Gotti will measure himself with a complex theme, that of overcoming limits and barriers, be they geographical, geopolitical, cultural, social but also mental .


“Casa sul Mare” at Paolo Gotti


“No man is an island”, the poet theologian John Donne wrote in the seventeenth century, and this is even more true today in an increasingly interconnected world where globalization is changing the balance of the planet. A scenario where the boundary is an immaterial, arbitrary and entirely conventional curve, the border of a surface controlled by an individual or a people, a line that separates and at the same time unites, which we need to organize thoughts, give a sense to things but also to break down prejudices and rigidity.


“Oltre i Confini”
14 December, 2019 – 28 February, 2020
Temporary Gallery via Orfeo
via Orfeo 4/A Bologna


The overcoming of boundaries is also dictated by an uncontrollable desire for knowledge or conquest, in particular where the three elements – air, water, land – tend to blend into fleeting horizons, into exotic and distant landscapes at the ends of the planet: from Iceland to Bolivia up to Nepal, deserts of sand and salt, low tides and oceans, roads that disappear behind the mountains, suggesting ways to go. The crossing of the sky opens the path of Paolo Gotti, who then focuses on places of infinite transits, until he reaches that land that man has bounded and fenced in and that only the horizon frees.

Paolo Gotti’s goal also lingers on people, photographed while observing a panorama without actually entering it, a space that expands to infinity, which can only be guessed and not understood, in an almost Leopardi sense. Other subjects of Paolo Gotti’s photographs are taken instead in the act of crossing the scene. They do it against the background of an airport, a place of passage for excellence beyond the borders or in a remote country in the mountains of Nepal. Or they whiz along on a train, with a look that suggests a profound uneasiness. Or again, they share moments of joy – as in the photograph depicting the smiling children of gold miners in Ghana – opening up to others and overcoming the fences of the mind, as perhaps only children can do.


News source: Paolo Gotti
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