“Nove Novos. Emerging Architects from Brazil” at CIVA Brussells

Open from October 22 to December 12, the exhibition will showcase the works of ten under-fourty architects from Brazil.


Pavilhao Humanidade 2012 Ⓒ Leonardo Finotti, Carla Juaçaba

Pavilhao Humanidade 2012 Ⓒ Leonardo Finotti, Carla Juaçaba


Nove Novos is an exhibition on contemporary Brazilian architecture, centered on the work of the youngest generation of architects in this country.  Overshadowed by the work of fellow prestigious architects Oscar Niemeyer or Paulo Mendes da Rocha, the buildings of these young architects are representative of an economically dynamic country with an architecture aside from the white, curvaceous forms and bold, sweeping lines.

 The youngest of the architects introduced are less than 30 years old, and nearly all of them are under 40. However, many of them can already boast an extraordinarily wide range of buildings, not only in terms of the number of projects, but also in terms of scale. The presented works, private residential buildings, administrative buildings, sporting venues, commercial buildings, and museums show that even the youngest Brazilian architecture has long since reached world-class standards.

Projects shown include the Burle Marx Education Centre (2006-2009) by ArQuitetos Associados, the National Sport Shooting Center (2005-2007) by BCMF Arquitetos, the Pavilhao Humanidade 2012 by Carla Juaçaba, the Lygia Pape Gallery (2010-2012) by Rizoma, the TRT Law Courts Complex (2007-2012) by Corsi Hirano Arquitetos, the ML Residence (2008-2010) by Jacobsen Arquitetura, the Nestlé Chocolate Museum (2009-2011) by Metro Arquitetos Associados, the Joao Moura Building (2008-2012) by Nitsche Arquitetos Associados, and the CREA-PB Headquarters (2012-2013) by Studio Paralelo.

Particular attention is paid on the second floor to the Inhotim garden world in the state of Minas Gerais. The wealthy mine owner Bernardo Paz has created an art and architecture park here that is quite unique the world over.

This exhibition was produced by D.A.M. Deutsches Architekturmuseum and presented by CIVA + Faculty of Architecture La Cambre Horta, ULB. It will be open to the public from October 22 to December 12.


All information and images via CIVA

Cover image by Leonardo Finotti