“Momentum II. Self, shell, shelter” independent magazine

Conceived as a reaction to the insane amount of inputs and images to which we are exposed on the Internet, MOMENTUM magazine proposes to open a new conversation and to go back to carefully selected personal references that will allow to represent a point of view on a certain topic, finding out new ways of thinking.


Kresge Chappel, Cambridge Mass. © Corners of the 20th Century


We live in a global world where, due to hyper connectivity, information is stored without any filter in the global network. But, is there any possibility of going beyond the concept of image as simple visual information? What is the difference between an image, a memory and a postcard? What can we represent through a graphic document? MOMENTUM arises as a response to a certain environment, where images potential is reduced to a quick and ethereal use that represents basic information. 


Project data

“Momentum II. Self, shell, shelter”
Editorial: Independent
City: Alcalá de Henares. Madrid. (España).
Periodicity: Six-monthly
Language: English
Collaborators: David Arredondo, Eduardo Arroyo, José Juan Barba, Zakaria Boucetta, Kim Courreges, Antonio Giráldez, Virginia de Jorge, Josep Lluis Mateo, Mafalda Mendonça, Clara Murado, Javiera Navarro, Idoia Otegui, Susana Rosmaninho.
Team: Alejandro Carrasco, Eduardo Cilleruelo, Laura Puchades y Ángela Molina
Proofreading: Yu Xun Emmeily Zhang


The understanding of architecture and design of spaces as places for protection and perpetuation of human beings is a point of view that has been present explicitly through history […] In our opinion, we should ask ourselves some questions about this sheltering condition of the architectural discipline. Is it the pure and primal intention of buildings? Or does it appear linked to design in a non-detachable way? So the question is, if in a certain way, the only action of delimit and characterizing spaces enables the apparition of refuges that sometimes have protection as their main function, or if any space can be appropriated by us and transformed in a mental shelter where we find ourselves comfortable and, of course, safe. It is possible to sum up everything in just a single question. What is first, architecture or shelters?


Reichs Chancellery and Fuhrer Bunker © Forbidden Photos

Nakagin Capsule Tower


Self, Shell, Shelter
Order Momentum nº 2: Self, Shell, Shelter. The second issue reflects about the role of the shelter in nowadays world exploring examples of a great community of collaborators: Eduardo Arroyo, Josep Lluis Mateo, Virginia de Jorge Huertas, Antonio Giráldez López, Idoia Otegui, Clara Murado, Zak Boucetta, Mafalda Mendoça, Susana Rosmaninho, José Juan Barba, Javiera Navarro Encina, David Arredondo and Kim Courreges.


"Momentum II. Self, shell, shelter" © MOMENTUM
"Momentum II. Self, shell, shelter" © MOMENTUM
"Momentum II. Self, shell, shelter" © MOMENTUM
"Momentum II. Self, shell, shelter" © MOMENTUM
"Momentum II. Self, shell, shelter" © MOMENTUM
"Momentum II. Self, shell, shelter" © MOMENTUM
"Momentum II. Self, shell, shelter" © MOMENTUM

The ambition of scale
Order Momentum nº 1: The ambition of scale. This opening number introducts yourself to differents ways of approach to the architecture criticism. The following architects have collaborated in this edition: Santiago de Molina, Pau Soler, Luis Laca, Francisco García Triviño, Rafael Cubillo, José Luís Uribe, José Jaraíz, Fernando Quesada, Kike España y Ricardo Lajara. The magazine will be part of the public exhibition of the Spanish Pavillion during the Venice Biennale.

“Momentum II. Self, shell, shelter” © MOMENTUM


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