“Guido Guidi. In Veneto, round trip” at Galleria del Ridotto

From 14 December 2019 to 9 February 2020, the exhibition Guido Guidi will be open to the public at the Galleria del Ridotto of the Municipality of Cesena. “In Veneto, round trip” presents photographs, taken between the eighties and nineties, refer to the explorations conducted by the author in Veneto, the region to which he moved, first for study and then for work, and in Romagna, in Cesena, the city where Drive resides.


“Guido Guidi. In Veneto, round trip” © Guido Guidi


The exhibition is articulated through a path that invites you to read an uncertain and marginal landscape, intimately devoid of hierarchies. Moving “in scattered order”, Guidi has crossed the Venetian territories that have become places of affection over time while Romagna and the Cesena territory, land of origin, have always been the first reference offered to daily observation for an instinctive renewal of memory.


“Guido Guidi. In Veneto, round trip”
14 December, 2019 – 9 February, 2020
Palazzo del Ridotto
Piazza Almerici, 12, Cesena FC


In the eighties, Romagna and Veneto therefore became the privileged places in which to start the first photographic experiments with the Deardorff 8 × 10 and the large format camera allows Guidi to carefully observe the landscape that surrounds him, to relate to it to feel implicitly part of it.


“Guido Guidi. In Veneto, round trip” © Guido Guidi


By gradually penetrating the areas between Venice, Treviso, Padua and Vicenza, Guidi will deepen his interest in a geographical region on which he will still be able to work a lot, both as an author and as a teacher at the IUAV. The temporal distance allows today to draw photographs from the archive and to discover new combinations between images, useful for obtaining precious clues; it also allows you to interact freely with the photographs and with the many questions that continue to raise with respect to a landscape that has not been resolved at all.

The eighty photographs on display, some of which have never been exhibited to the public, are published in the volumes Guido Guidi, Per Strada (Mack, London 2018) and Guido Guidi, In Veneto, 1984-89 (Mack, London 2019). The exhibition is completed by the documentary guido guidi, cose da niente by Daniele Pezzi and Agostino Cordelli, Music Debora Penazzi, 2016.