“Gabriele Basilico. Metropoli” at Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Dedicated to one of the major protagonists of Italian and international photography, the exhibition focuses on the theme of the city with over 250 works in different formats dating from the 1970s to the 2000s, some of which were exhibited for the first time.


Gabriele Basilico, Milano Porta nuova, 2012 | © Archivio Gabriele Basilico


The metropolis has always been at the center of Gabriele Basilico’s investigations and interests (Milan 1944-2013). The theme of the anthropized landscape, the development and the historical stratifications of the cities, the margins and the suburbs in continuous transformation have always been the main engine of his research.


“Gabriele Basilico. Metropoli”
25 January – 13 April, 2020
Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Via Nazionale 194, Roma


The exhibition analyzes these themes by comparing the works created in the numerous cities portrayed, including Beirut, Milan, Rome, Palermo, Naples, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Lisbon, Paris, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Jerusalem, London, Boston, Tel Aviv , Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, New York, Shanghai, juxtaposed according to analogies and differences, assonances and dissonances, different points of view in the way of interpreting and relating the built space.


Gabriele Basilico, Paris, 1997 | © Archive Gabriele Basilico


The exhibition itinerary of the exhibition is divided into five major chapters: “Milan. Portraits of factories 1978-1980 ”, the first important project realized by Basilico; the “Sections of the Italian landscape”, a survey on our country divided into six itineraries carried out in 1996 in collaboration with Stefano Boeri and presented at the Venice Architecture Biennale; “Beirut”, two photographic campaigns exhibited together for the first time, realized in 1991 in black and white and in 2011 in color, the first at the end of a long war lasting over fifteen years, the second to reconstruct it; “The cities of the world”, a journey through time and places from Palermo, Bari, Naples, Genoa and Milan to Istanbul, Jerusalem, Shanghai, Moscow, New York, Rio de Janeiro and many others; finally “Rome”, the city in which Basilico worked on several occasions, developing ever-changing projects until 2010, on the occasion of a stimulating and demanding comparison between the contemporary city and the eighteenth-century engravings by Giovambattista Piranesi.


Gabriele Basilico, Rio de Janeiro, 2011 | © Archive Gabriele Basilico


In addition to the works on display, a large illustrated biography is proposed which tells through short texts and images the artistic and professional path of Basilico (in fact the two researches crossed several times) and three videos: the first created by Tanino Musso in 1991 in Beirut and reassembled by Giacomo Traldi who has also reworked an interview by director Amos Gitai in 2012 dedicated to Rome and Piranesi. The third video, “About Sections of the Italian Landscape”, is an interview with Stefano Boeri made by Marina Spada in 2002.