“Future under construction” at Paris-Saclay University

Round tables, lectures and over thirty architects’ presentations next to models, plans and chronograms, all between days 28 – 30 of November.




Right now, at the moment when the operational phase of the works in Paris-Saclay University is taking place, this public institution is proud to present a general update on the project in its scientific, economic, architectural and urban aspects. Round tables, lectures and over thirty architects’ presentations will take place next to many models, plans and chronograms between days 28 – 30 of November. These three days will be followed by a longer-lasting exhibition of the Paris-Saclay projects until December 20th.

The conferences on the first day will discuss cultural programming, research, and public institutions regarding public space, with experts in the areas of higher education and research institutions. Round tables on the second day will focus on architectural issues, such as project development -with participants like Michel Desvigne, Isabelle Menu or Xaveer De Geyter, urban architect and recent winner of the International Big Mat Architectural Award- as well as Paris-Saclay’s contribution to the technologies of sustainable architecture. Finally a PechaKucha session with over thirteen architects’ teams will show the projects and ideas for Paris-Saclay south campus. The programme for the third day has a more scientific approach, focusing on climate change, quantum physics and brain studies.

This exhibition is hosted under the patronage of Geneviève Fioraso, Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, the public institution of  Paris-Saclay, in partnership with Paris-Saclay University, the Maison de l’Architecture of Ile-de-France and the Order of Architects in Ile-de-France. The exhibition is free of charge and open to general public.


Information via Etablissement publique Paris-Saclay
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