[Exhibition] “Surexposition” Lobjoy-Bouvier-Boisseau at la Galerie d’Architecture

The exhibition highlights the dual movement inherent in its subject – between showcase and back office, present representativity and future reversibility, respect of the site and setting in motion of a district – to enlighten the project of the architects Lobjoy-Bouvier-Boisseau .


Boulevard des Batignolles © Lobjoy-Bouvier-Boisseau Architecture


“Surexposition” goes beneath the surface of the new building for the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson and Fondation François Sommer, with its renowned Museum of Hunting and Nature. Designed by Lobjoy-Bouvier-Boisseau Architecture, the building on Paris’ 79 rue des Archives will be both exhibition space and archive, place of work and public space. As well as serving two foundations, the project has been conceived with twin objectives: to highlight and protect, show but not strip bare, conserve the Marais while adding a contemporary touch, this is the tour de force related by “Surexposition”.


Practical information

“Surexposition” Lobjoy-Bouvier-Boisseau
30 January – 20 February, 2019
La Galerie d’Architecture
11 rue des blancs manteaux, 75004 Paris


While the foundations are in the limelight, the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation and the François Sommer Foundation settled on the same parcel of the Upper Marais, which lay dormant in private. The specifics of this project: its collegiality that sees two foundations embark on a joint real estate project, and this paradox: the France of the Thirty Glorious, that incarnates in their own way each of these foundations, comes to awaken a safeguarded sector and catalyze dynamics unpublished.


Fondation François Sommer, Lobjoy-Bouvier-Boisseau Architecture ©Baptiste Lobjoy


“Surexposition” is organized around three parts. “Les Dessous des Fondations” first reveals the subtle dynamic that has brought together two foundations around the same site and to aggregate in this tour de table the architects of the Buildings of France, engineers and companies. E-mail exchanges, order letters, portraits and chronological friezes document this context in the manner of an investigative investigation. “Show / Protect” then reveals the work of opening and staging specific to the object and its protected site, and illustrates the reverse movement made by the architects around the protection of views, circulations and archives, through a corpus of plans, sketches, details, prototypes, models and photos.


LLB Pixel ©Baptiste Lobjoy

Boulevard des Batignolles © Lobjoy-Bouvier-Boisseau Architecture


“Resonance” finally activates the link between the exhibition and its subject in a genre scene that evokes each of the foundations and puts them in perspective with regard to other foundation projects through cartographies, press clippings and articles of law … And vice versa since the exhibition invites itself within each of the two foundations as a double bottom of the exhibition. Placing the human being at the heart of its approach, the Lobjoy-Bouvier-Boisseau agency is developing an architecture that generates urbanity, solidarity and values ​​that should be shared. It strives to produce quality that makes sense for all: principals, communities, users, passers-by today and tomorrow. Installed in Boulogne-Billancourt, in an old porcelain factory, the agency has around fifty employees and builds the city with attention to the diversity of practices and the integration of possibilities, whatever the scale of its projects. “Surexposition” is presented from January 30 to February 20, 2019 at the Architecture Gallery in Paris. lbb-architecture.com


News source: la Galerie d’Architecture
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