[Exhibition] “Outside the box” exhibition within Madrid Design Festival 2019

“Outside the box” is an exhibition included in the Madrid Design Festival that reviews the last 5 years of emerging design through the Injuve Grants for Young Creation. The curatorship and design of this exhibition are made by the Spanish architecture office ENORME Studio, based in Madrid.


Sheila Pazos / Fotografía La Proyectora de Ideas


The Institute of Youth (Injuve), in collaboration with the National Museum of Decorative Arts, organizes the exhibition Outside the box, reviewing the last 5 years of emerging design of Injuve Grants for Young Creation, through projects of 16 creators benefited in the editions of 2013 to 2017. The sample includes proposals that go from the design of object, to fashion, through magazines or prototypes that approach science from new perspectives, thus gathering a mosaic of products that propose a reflection on the current design.


Practical information

“Outside the box”
24 January – 24 March, 2019
Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas
Calle de Montalbán, 12, 28014 Madrid


The exhibition is structured around three fundamental conceptual axes: the box, the trip and the action of being out of the box. The box, the wrapping used to transport the works of art, becomes visible in this exhibition becoming the intermediary between the work produced and the work exhibited. The trip, as the action of displacement that supports the works and at the same time mediator to understand the artistic evolution of the beneficiaries during the creative process. Finally, the fact of being “out of the box” as the philosophy and the way to expose the object.


ENORMESTUDIO. Fotografía: Javier de Paz Garcia


All the works ask about the reason for the product, its use and manufacture and for how each object interacts with its environment or how to address controversial issues in the political, social or cultural sphere. They also show their interest in opening the doors to the development of new ideas, technologies, materials and trends in the current design environment. In each box there will be an object chosen by the designers and the curators and a text about the project.


ENORMESTUDIO / Fotografía: Javier de Paz Garcia


The exhibition presents the designs of: Marta Ayala, Teratoma Productions, Maria Alonso (Proyecta56), Álex Ortega, Damián López, Marta Ferrer, Paula Currás and Álvaro Carrillo, Ana Arana and Enrique Ventosa, Irene Cano, Fernando Cremades, Elena Águila and Ana Olmedo (VenidaDevenida), Silvia Fernández, Sheila Pazos, Julia Grunberg and Sofia Montenegro (CalizaCaliza), Déborah López and Lía González.


Sheila Pazos / Cadavre Exquis (detalle) / Fotografía: La Proyectora de Ideas

Research Shop (Alvaro Carrillo y Paula Curras) / Calypsos, detalle / Fotografía:Andrés Arranz


The curator and the design of this exhibition are the responsibility of the Spanish architecture studio ENORME Studio, founded by David Pérez, Carmelo Rodríguez and Rocío Pina and based in Madrid. The exhibition is one of the activities included in the Madrid Design Festival 2019 and can be visited until March 24 at the National Museum of Decorative Arts, located at 12 Montalbán Street in Madrid.


Débora López / Diorama(n)tic / Drawings

Débora López / Diorama(n)tic


All the creators that exhibit have been beneficiaries between 2013 and 2017 of the Injuve Grants for Young Creation in Design, designed from the beginning to stimulate and support emerging creation projects and promote and recognize the talent of artists under 30 years of age.


Studio Plutarco (Ana Arana y Enrique Ventosa), Hoist / Fotografía: Andrés Arranz

Lia González / Nowmada


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