[Exhibition] “Let’s say I’m talking about Madrid” at Museum of Contemporary Art Conde Duque

This exhibition presents a selection of funds from the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid, founded in 2001. Organized on the occasion of the presence of this city as guest of honor at the Guadalajara International Book Fair, it proposes a journey through the artistic creation displayed in Madrid from the seventies to the present.


Torres Kio. Puerta de Europa, 1992, José Manuel Ballester © MMAC


This exhibition project, displayed as a parallel activity to the presence of Madrid at the International Book Fair of Guadalajara, proposed, between November 2017 and February 2018, a tour of Madrid’s art from the collections of the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid. The Hospicio Cabañas de Guadalajara was the institution chosen to host this project.


Practical information

“Let’s say I’m talking about Madrid”
18 December 2018 – 31 January, 2020
Museum of Contemporary Art Conde Duque
Calle del Conde Duque, 9,  Madrid


And now it is fully opportune to replicate this exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art, the natural headquarters of all the exposed patrimony. Inaugurating on December 12, 2018, the exhibition will be in the Museum with a vocation for permanence.


Metrópolis, Concha Prada © MMAC


With the commissioning of Fernando Castro Flórez a revision is proposed, through one hundred and forty-nine pieces, of what has happened in contemporary art, specifically focusing the issue in the city of Madrid, in the last four decades.

In this exhibition, paintings, photographs, drawings and graphic works of thirty-nine prestigious artists are presented, articulated in six sections:

The Map and the Territory.
Metropolitan Snapshots.
The hyperreal city.
The aesthetics of the Esquizos
The years of the Movida and singular Visions.

From the aesthetics of the so-called “esquizos” to the popular Movida from Madrid or the photographs and paintings that reflect this great city, it is suggested not so much an exhaustive map as a series of specific approaches that try to offer the viewer plural perspectives of what has happened in Madrid. As María Ángeles Salvador Durántez warns, the vocation of this Museum has been to “acquire, sequence, explore, disseminate, show and mainstream the life of Madrid in its many expressions”.


“Let’s say I’m talking about Madrid” exhibition © MMAC

“Let’s say I’m talking about Madrid” exhibition © MMAC


“What better way, says Manuela Carmena, mayor of Madrid, to talk about art and creation than the title of one of the songs that best portray a city that, starting with this Guadalajara Book Fair, is going to be a little more Let’s say that I speak of Madrid is the work of Joaquín Sabina, an Andalusian by birth who, like so many others, is from Madrid by choice and vocation.

There are not many rooted Madridan genealogies. Most of us are Madrilenians because we have decided to be Madrid. Inclusive, never exclusive, you are from Madrid and you can be from many other places, for example, Iberoamerican, that being only because we want to be constitutes one of the greatest riches of Madrid and is part of that light that we wanted to bring to FIL. Not in vain we wanted to choose as a motto ‘You will win the light’, another title, this time from a collection of poems by León Felipe, one of the many Spaniards who, after the Civil War, proved the generosity of Mexico or with our exiles. “In this exhibition, paintings, photographs, drawings and graphic works of renowned artists are presented. The spectator will be able to approach some of the decisive creators who have developed their poetic particularities around the city of Madrid. Without any doubt, the Cabañas de Guadalajara Cultural Institute is a magnificent space in which to speak of Madrid through its plastic artists.


News source: Museum of Contemporary Art Conde Duque
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