[Exhibition] “Architettura della grande scala” Francisco Mangado at IUAV Venice

The exhibition intends, through the work of Francisco Mangado, to focus on the open question of the grand scale in architecture.


Palace of Congresses and Hotel in Palma de Mallorca. Photography by Roland Halbe.


Francisco Mangado has long shown with his work an intellectual and scientific attitude taken in very little consideration: that the project activity must consider the large scale and then go down to the next stairs. Even in the construction of a building of medium and small scale must remain memory of what it is necessary to start from, that is from the architecture of the large dimension.

Practical Information

“Architettura della grande scala”
13 May – 30 June, 2019
Università Iuav di Venezia, spazio Gino Valle
Santa Croce 191, Venice


Ernest Gombrich affirmed that the great painters see themselves in the control of the great dimension, for example this puts the not particularly seductive Rubens in the Olympus of the great painters. To those who asked him why Vermeer had painted small works, he replied that those works, if pantographed, would not lose their value. This is what Mangado has been thinking since the beginning of his brilliant career, and he thinks it on several levels. For him the grand scale is a strongly ideological choice, in it we summarize the urban, technical, social and, more than anything else, political aspects.


Archaeological Museum of Álava. Photography by Pedro Roland Halbe.

Municipal Center of Exhibitions and Congresses of Ávila. Photography by Roland Halbe.


The Iuav University of Venice has a long tradition of large-scale design, well known and appreciated by Mangado, and it is to this tradition that Mangado intends to make a contribution. The exhibition aims to make the Spanish architect’s projects react with the projects of what can be called the “grand scale tradition” and would do so through a theoretical reflection grafted onto the actuality of the large scale. So great scale and theory: two components inseparable from each other and that together represent the possibility of the survival of architecture in the era of immediate communication and the apparent triumph of social and political indifference.


Municipal Center of Exhibitions and Congresses of Ávila. Photography by Roland Halbe.


News source: IUAV
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