“Demolished Modified Endangered” at Haus der Architektur Graz

The exhibition presents architecture models of 45 icons of modern Austrian architecture. The chosen buildings have all either been changed, destroyed or were never realised. The models do not aim at being a scaled down direct representation of the build spaces. Instead the models seek to show the core design ideas of the projects.


Haus Albrechter Leskoschek – © Robert Anagnostopoulos


Each model is accompanied by a short description of the project as well as the methods and materials used to create the model. This project was carried out at the Institute of Construction and Design Principles (KOEN) at the Technical University of Graz. The institute, which has its focus primarily on teaching architecture to first year students, was founded in 2013.


Practical Information

“Demolished Modified Endangered”
13 December, 2018 – 11 January, 2019
HDA – Haus der Architektur
Mariahilferstraße 2, 8020 Graz


The interrelationship between the design and construction aspects of architecture are an integral part of the institute’s teaching principles as well as the focus of its research projects. Furthermore, the Institute is in charge of the faculties model building workshop and specialised courses within that field.


Terrassenhaussiedlung – © Robert Anagnostopoulos


This publication is part of an ongoing research project looking into the possibilities, as well as the relevance of model making within contemporary architectural practice and the teaching thereof. The models are not to be seen as exact replicas of the original designs, but try to reconstruct the basic idea of ​​the former architects and to present the concept of the selected projects. The exhibition is accompanied by the publication of the same name, in which all architectural models are explained in more detail by means of photos and short texts.


Halle Haupthaus Heriot – © Robert Anagnostopoulos


Works by: Klemens Illek, Gerald Fassmann, Sebastian Pletzer, Robert Anagnostopulous, Jana Engel, Irnes Fatkic, Laura Feller, Johannes Fritzenwallner, Barbara Gruber, Helena Oberholzer, Lung Peng, Hannes Stockklauser, Judith White, Jakob Berg, Iris Athenstaedt, Amanda Soldo, Armin Karner , Armin Baumgartner, Andreas Marlovits, Florian Hofreither, Timea Tricskó, Daniela Glehr, Ariane van den Hof, Petra Kickenweitz, Christina Linortner, Wolfgang List, Julius Popa, Daniel Schürr, Bernadette Krejs, Daniel Huber, Siri Black. The publication published for the models is available from the HDA and the publishing house of the TU Graz.


News source: HDA
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