“Chillida, between the shapes”, a comprehensive exhibition in Roca Barcelona Gallery

The exhibition attempts to show the Spanish artist’s body of work through an organized collection of different scale artpieces, manuscripts and photographs.


Lurra 17 (1978), baked clay sculpture.

Lurra 17 (1978), baked clay sculpture.


The work of Eduardo Chillida (1924 – 2002), the internationally acclaimed Spanish artist, will be on display in Roca Barcelona Gallery from 21 January to 2 May 2015.  The exhibition showcases an assortment of different artpiececes and projects, personal manuscripts, small-scale sculptures and photographs in a more personal approach to the Spanish artist, who called himself “architect of the void”.


Óxido "Rust" (1977), baked clay sculpture..

Óxido “Rust” (1977), baked clay sculpture..


The exhibition focuses on three aspects of Chillida’s creations: his public work, his graphic design work and also some of his smaller-scale work, which come to represent a rather unknown, private side of the artist. Showing a series of mixed media artpieces, the exhibition attempts to offer a coherent and organized vision of his work through the display of the artworks in an architectural manner, inspired by the artist’s strong spatial sense.


Porcelana V "Porcelain V" (1977)

Porcelana V “Porcelain V” (1977)


One of the highlights of this exhibition, specially designed for Roca Barcelona Gallery in partnership with the Eduardo Chillida – Pilar Belzunce Foundation, is the display of the original manuscript of “Art and Space“, an essay written by Chillida and philosopher Martin Heidegger. This work is a speculative work in which both architect and philosopher discuss on the different aspects of their work to understand what takes man to the edge of thought.


Exhibition poster

Exhibition poster


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