Cedric Price: the Dynamics of Time, itinerant exhibition showing now in Maastricht

Timmerfabriek in Maastricht will host until March 22nd the third iteration of this exhibition that has already been to London and Venice -showing new advances in research as well as an interactive Memory Bank video installation.




Dutch independent architectural institution Bureau Europa is proudly presenting “Cedric Price: The Dynamics of Time”, an exhibition on the British architect’s ideas and ambitions relating architecture in all its aspects – education, social spatiality, political approaches to the house and the city. This exhibition, complemented by a newly presented Memory Bank -an interactive video to learn on Cedric Price’s colleagues’ contemporary perspectives on his critical practice. The exhibition will be showing on the Timmerfabriek in Maastricht, until March 22nd 2015.


CEDRIC PRICE: The Dynamics of Time is an exhibition presented by Bureau Europa that introduces the work of Price by presenting a cross-section of the elements of his inventive and singular practice: sketches, project drawings, recorded talks, first-hand accounts by staff, colleagues and friends.  A series of selected projects present his innovative models for industry, education, government, tourism, ecology and the house.

The material on show is sourced from the Cedric Price Fonds at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal and the private collections of the Cedric Price Estate and Lord McAlpine. It will be accompanied by contemporary work, reflecting both the critical attributes of Price’s practice and the concept of the exhibition itself.

The exhibition is curated, at the invitation of Bureau Europa, by Jan Nauta and Samantha Hardingham, who are also participants in the newly commissioned project Memory Bank, which traces and registers the person and the world of Cedric Price through his network. It aims to address the gap in the available history and to understand more of the conditions in which the ideas where shaped.


Watch the Memory Bank video trailer above. Watch full video clicking here.


Including this latest presentation at Bureau Europa in Maastricht, the exhibition will have appeared in three locations in four years (previously Venice and London). The exhibition has been re-positioned in relation to its locations; thus CEDRIC PRICE: The Dynamics of Time offers not only a new title, but new content, to reflect research that has been undertaken during the intervening years.




Text and information adapted from curators’ text via Bureau Europa.