Fausto Melotti at Nouveau Musée National de Monaco (NMNM)

The Nouveau Musée National de Monaco (NMNM) presents Fausto Melotti, an exhibition dedicated to the polymorphous and multi-faceted work of one of Italy’s greatest artists of the interwar and postwar periods. It brings together about 20 metallic sculptures and more than 70 ceramic pieces.


Fausto Melotti works © Archivo Fausto Melotti

Fausto Melotti works © Archivo Fausto Melotti


Graduating initially in electrotechnic engineering in 1924, Melotti continued his studies at the Brera Academy from 1928 until 1929 under the distinguished sculptor Adolfo Wildt, together with his future friend Lucio Fontana.The research gathered by the curators began by the observation of the nodal nature in the relationship between Melotti and the magazine Domus, founded in 1928 by Gio Ponti. Accordingly the exhibition includes primarily works whose photographs were published in Domus between 1948 and 1968, alongside articles about the artist, as well as those written by Melotti himself. (more…)

Dynamic and technological: explore Maurizio Sacripanti’s entry for EXPO Osaka ’70

The italian architect’s entry for the 1970 Italian Pavilion is a space in movement, pulsating, enclosed by an envelope that mutates in an unpredictable, living way.


Expo Osaka '70. Maurizio Sacripanti © MAXXI

Expo Osaka ’70. Maurizio Sacripanti © MAXXI


A structure in movement in which time becomes a fourth dimension, a sequence of unpredictable volumes, oscillating metal panels that create ever-new spaces: this was the pavilion conceived by Maurizio Sacripanti for Expo 1970 in Osaka.

An innovative project contemplated by MAXXI 35 years later on the occasion of Expo Milano 2015 by presenting “Maurizio Sacripanti. Expo Osaka ’70” curated by Carlo Serafini and Esmeralda Valente. (more…)

Gérard Singer exhibition at FRAC Centre Orléans

The exhibition presents his research undertaken from the 1960s on, marking the shift from painting to the three-dimensional space, and then to the urban scale.


"Le Tribulle bleu", Gérard Singer © FRAC Centre

Canyoneaustrate model, 1986, Gérard Singer © FRAC Centre


Somewhere between art and architecture, Gérard Singer’s œuvre is deeply marked by a sense of innovation and commitment, introducing new ways of seeing and conceiving space. His experiments, developed over four decades, are nurtured by a close relation with the mountain and his intensive activity as a mountaineer. (more…)

Sensory and intellectual stimulation at “Carsten Höller: Decision”

This major exhibition at Hayward Gallery presents a wide range of Holler’s works, from newly-made pieces that have been especially commissioned. It brings together kinetic sculptures, videos, installations and light works that are designed to profoundly re-orientate our awareness of time and space, reflecting Holler’s wide-ranging interest in the nature of consciousness.


Installation View Carsten Höller l Decision, Hayward Gallery, London 2015. Courtesy of the artist, Photo © Linda Nylind

Installation View Carsten Höller l Decision, Hayward Gallery, London 2015. Courtesy of the artist, Photo © Linda Nylind


On entering Carsten Holler: Decision visitors become part of the exhibition, their varied actions and reactions as vital to the artist, and to other visitors, as the works themselves. While many of the works are participatory and immersive – transforming the visitors’ physical and mental experience in ways that lead them to question their habitual perceptions – they also encourage reflection. As Holler states, ‘it’s possible to experience the work through other people, to see it from the outside, or to just contemplate it’. (more…)

“When water meets architecture” utopia and enviroment at Musée de la Marine de Loire

The exhibition presents alternative solutions in form of rational or utopian projects, realized or not, which incorporate water in different ways. Appearing as a new territory, the water is covered with floating or underwater architectures, inhabited bridges and lake cities.


R&Sie(n), Venise, Acqua Alta, 1998 © FRAC Centre

R&Sie(n), Venise, Acqua Alta, 1998 © FRAC Centre


The question of adapting architecture to the fluctuating presence of water arises globally today. Extreme weather events and the consequences of climate change – in 2015 the World Climate Conference will be held in Paris – recall how this theme is of central importance.

Appearing as a new territory, the water is covered with floating or underwater architectures, inhabited bridges and lake cities. It is also the inspiration of a “liquid architecture” dominated by fluid and moving lines. And finally, in liquid or gaseous form, it becomes a material of architecture. The models, drawings and video in the exhibition reflect this research and are applied to all environments: the marine environment with the coastline, the fluvial and lacustrine environment. (more…)

“Olivo Barbieri. Images 1978-2014” Retrospective at MAXXI

The exhibition is a retrospective that retraces Barbieri’s themes and research, through over 100 works and seven sections, illustrating the photographer’s career from the late 1970s to the present.


"Site Specific Houston" © Olivo Barbieri

“Site Specific Houston” © Olivo Barbieri


MAXXI Museum in Rome is hosting a retrospective exhibition on Olivo Barbieri, one of Italy’s certainly most acclaimed contemporary photographers for his pictures of cities, urban scenes and  technical experimentation. The exhibition takes form around a quote by Barbieri himself, designed as an itinerary for a critical, new and annotated interpretation of the work of this renowned artist. (more…)

Design student’s view on future cities, showing at Galleria Jannone

The display is formed by the superimposition of fifteen of the Politecnico di Milano student’s designs, drawings and architectural models – resulting in a imaginary collective landscape both urban, natural and technological.


Nel Terzo Paradiso, 2015 © Galleria Antonia Jannone

Nel Terzo Paradiso, 2015 © Galleria Antonia Jannone


The Galleria Antonia Jannone in Milan is inaugurating today an exhibition created in collaboration with design students from the Scuola di Design from Politecnico di Milano. Called “In the Third Paradise“, the exhibition displays the student’s visions of a futuristic urban landscape from an immaginative, unprejudiced point of view.

The display is formed by the superimposition of fifteen of the student’s designs, drawings and architectural models – the result is a collective landscape both urban and natural, formed by “Men, animals, plants, unknown matter, orchards and videogames, secret gardens and molten metals, kennels and rocks, gyms, insects, feathers and even rooms to make love“.


“Species of Spaces”, an architectural take on Georges Perec starting this weekend at MACBA

The exhibition, which takes its title from the eponymous book by Georges Perec, brings together works by 40 artists transforming the Museum’s galleries to reflect on private space and the public sphere.


Lois Patiño Estratos de la Imagen, 2015 Still vídeo Cortesia de l’artista

Lois Patiño, Estratos de la Imagen, 2015. Still vídeo. Cortesia de l’artista


The Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona – MACBA, presents Species of Spaces, an exhibition that adopts the appearance of a fragmented building recreating the spatial typologies that the writer Georges Perec (Paris, 1936 – Ivry-sur-Seine, 1982) inventoried in his eponymous book.

Half way between novel and essay, this 1974 publication invites us to reflect on the course of life by wandering from one space to another, from the most private to the public sphere. Frederic Montornés, curator of the exhibition, has freely interpreted the work by the French author and used it as an instruction manual for the construction of the exhibition.


Cergy-Pontoise and the new city ideals, at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

The exhibition answers the questions surrounding the new cities program with a broad display of documents, plans, photographs and audiovisual media, addressing the relationship of these plans with its contemporary intellectuals and similar initiatives in urban planning.

Promotional brochure of the EPA, circa 1974. © ADVO

Promotional brochure of the EPA, circa 1974 © ADV


From June 17 to September 20, Pavillon de l’Arsenal is looking back on the last fifty years of new cities, as in Cergy-Pontoise, a unique ex-novo conurbation on the outskirts of Paris built from the nineteen sixties onward, presenting the exhibition Cergy-Pontoise: formes & fictions d’une ville nouvelle” (Cergy-Pontoise: forms and fictions of a new city). (more…)

Almada Theatre Festival, celebrating theatre and architecture in Lisbon

Within the framework of the 32nd edition of the Almada Theatre Festival, Lisbon will be host to a series of events dedicated to the relationship between theater and architecture through the initiative “Giving place to the happening” with the participation of Luis Amalia Rodrigues Carnero, Tim Simon and João Quintela, among others.


Povera Pavilion by Tim Simon and João Quintela

Povera Pavilion by Tim Simon and João Quintela © Diana Quintela


This year marks the 10th anniversary of the inauguration of the Joaquim Benite Municipal Theatre in Lisbon, designed by the architects Manuel Graça Dias and Egas José Vieira . To mark the date, the Almada Festival created a cycle dedicated to the relationship between theater and architecture .

The highlight of this initiative will be the Povera Pavilion , designed by architects João Quintela and Tim Simon, who are also curators of the other activities programmed. In between theater performances, workshops, exhibitions, educational service initiatives, conferences and debates, it will still be possible to make a tour to the ” Blue Theatre “, guided by Manuel Graça Dias,  who will explain some of the stories that are at the origin of the architectural decisions for the project. (more…)