“Industrial Topographies: the architecture of conversion” in Prague

The ehxibition responds to a sensitive, important and often discussed issue today – the new use of industrial buildings.

Organized in partnership with the Research Centre for Industrial Heritage FACTU in Prague, led by Benjamin Fragner, the exhibition follows a series of events, meetings and activities organized on the occasion of the Biennale of Industrial Heritage.

A comprehensive selection of over 30 examples of the new use of abandoned industrial buildings and sites will be presented in detail in the exhibition panels showing its historical and current situation, as well as an interactive map and examples from other countries. The exhibition will also be followed by a series of lectures and screenings. A reduced Czech-English version will also be available.

The project responds to a sensitive, important and often discussed issue today – the use of industrial buildings and their relationship not only to architecture professionals, but also to the general public.

The exhibition will take place at the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague, and it will be open until January 2nd 2015.


Discover Herzog & deMeuron’s “Triangle” in Pavillon de l’Arsenal

From October 31st, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris will host Herzog & de Meuron’s “Triangle”, an exhibition on the controversial skyscraper by the Swiss firm.


With over 60 process models gathered together for the first time, construction details, unpublished images and animation films, Pavillon Arsenale invites you to understand and discover “Triangle”, an exhibition imagined and put together by Herzog & de Meuron. The context, settlement, materials perception and environmental strategies are explained with detail, focusing on the technical innovations of the work.


“Nove Novos. Emerging Architects from Brazil” at CIVA Brussells

Open from October 22 to December 12, the exhibition will showcase the works of ten under-fourty architects from Brazil.


Pavilhao Humanidade 2012 Ⓒ Leonardo Finotti, Carla Juaçaba

Pavilhao Humanidade 2012 Ⓒ Leonardo Finotti, Carla Juaçaba


Nove Novos is an exhibition on contemporary Brazilian architecture, centered on the work of the youngest generation of architects in this country.  Overshadowed by the work of fellow prestigious architects Oscar Niemeyer or Paulo Mendes da Rocha, the buildings of these young architects are representative of an economically dynamic country with an architecture aside from the white, curvaceous forms and bold, sweeping lines.


“Souto de Moura: projects and competitions” opening in Madrid

The exhibition, organized by Fundación Arquitectura COAM, will showcase the Portuguese architect’s work for the first time in Spain.


(…) Architecture can not be a halftone. You can not do something that does not appeal to your customer or something you don´t like. You can not do something you do not believe or something that your client does not understand. All that goes wrong. It is therefore essential to talk. And talk is to know each other.
Eduardo Souto de Moura


On the occasion of the Ninth Week of Architecture of Madrid and within the activities of the XII Mostra Portuguesa, on Friday October 3, 2014, at 18: 00h,  the Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura gave a lecture entitled “Eduardo Souto de Moura: recent projects” at LA SEDE COAM, the Madrid association of architects. (See video below) Additionally, an exhibition titled “Eduardo Souto de Moura: proyectos y concursos” was inaugurated by the architect on the same day.

The exhibition, organized by Fundación Arquitectura COAM (COAM Architecture Fundation) and Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid COAM, with the collaboration of the Portuguese Embassy in Spain and the Camões- Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, will be available to visitors in the Ground Floor of LASEDE COAM (c/ Hortaleza, 63) from October 3rd to January 15th.


Cloudscrapers. A century of skyscrapers in Milan

From November 6 to December 6 the Polytechnic University of Milan and the Riccardo Catella Foundation recount the story of Milan skyscrapers.


Milan Cloudscraper


Milan, as told in the exhibition “Cloudscrapers. A century of skyscrapers in Milan” hosted from November 6 to December 6 at the Riccardo Catella Foundation,  via Gaetano De Castillia 28, is a rising city. It is a city designed by the silhouettes of the Velasca and Pirelli Towers, but also by the Lombardy regional government’s new headquarters,  the  Unicredit Tower by Cesar Pelli and the Porta Nuova Business District.


“Future under construction” at Paris-Saclay University

Round tables, lectures and over thirty architects’ presentations next to models, plans and chronograms, all between days 28 – 30 of November.




Right now, at the moment when the operational phase of the works in Paris-Saclay University is taking place, this public institution is proud to present a general update on the project in its scientific, economic, architectural and urban aspects. Round tables, lectures and over thirty architects’ presentations will take place next to many models, plans and chronograms between days 28 – 30 of November. These three days will be followed by a longer-lasting exhibition of the Paris-Saclay projects until December 20th.


Martin Rajnis talk @ Finlands Arkitekturmuseum, Nov 26

The czech architect, winner of the 2014 Global Sustainable Architecture Award of the Locus Foundation, will be at Helsinki tomorrow at 6 pm.


Tomorrow, the Museum of Finnish Architecture will host Czech architect Martin Rajnis to give a talk on experimental wooden constructions on the occasion of the latest exhibition “Annual rings 1994–2014. A new generation of wood architecture“, which will be open to the public from October 8th to January 25th 2015. The conference will take place at 6pm, in the lecture hall of the Finlands Arkitekturmuseum in Helsinki.