Bordeaux, host to the BigMat ’19 International Architecture Award Ceremony

The awards ceremony will be held this Friday 22 November at “Palais de la Bourse” in Bordeaux (France) during the annual international congress of BigMat Group. The winners of the National Awards, the Youth Award and the BMIAA’19 Grand Prize will all be revealed in the ceremony.


BigMat International Architecture Award National Prize Trophy


The winners will arise among the 14 projects + 1 young mention selected by the members of the Jury out of the over 600 presented in this fourth edition of the Prize. President Jesús Aparicio and Secretary Jesús Donaire, along with the rest of the members of the jury: Stéphane Beel (Belgium), Petr Pelčak (Czech Republic and Slovakia), Philippe Prost (France), Paolo Zermani (Italy) and Fuensanta Nieto (Portugal and Spain) met in Madrid back in July in order to shortlist the projects for the 2019 edition of the BigMat Architecture Award.

The list of Grand Prizes since the beginning of the biennial award features projects such as the Kitchen Tower by Xaveer De Geyter (winner in 2013), the office building by Alberto Campo Baeza (winner in 2015) and the FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais art center by Lacaton & Vassal (winners in 2017).


BigMat International Architecture Award 2019 finalists


The list of finalists include TRANS architectuur stedenbouw, Wim Goes Architectuur BVBA and Binario architectes sciv sprl from Belgium; Petr Stolín and Ondřej Tuček from the Czech Republic, Septembre and Eric Lapierre Experience from France, Amanzio Farris Architetto and Ipostudio architetti from Italy, Souto Moura Arquitectos and Andreia Garcia Architectural Affairs and Diogo Aguiar Studio from Portugal, JRKVC and GutGut from Slovakia, RAW/deAbajoGarcia and MGM Morales de Giles Arquitectos from Spain.

This list of 14 selected projects + 1 young mention holds the next BigMat International Architectural Award ’19 Grand Prize  (30.000€), six National Prizes (5.000€), seven Prizes for Finalists ’19(1.500€) and one Special Mention for Young Architects (1.500€).

Learn more about the 14+1 winning projects below:

Balenmagazijn Gent
TRANS architectuur stedenbouw

Balenmagazijn, 2015 Gent, Belgium, TRANS architectuur stedenbouw © Johnny Umans, Hannelore Veelaert, André Nullens

Refuge II
Wim Goes Architectuur BVBA

Refugee II: Temporary House, 2015, Nevele, Belgium, Wim Goes Architectuur BVBA © Filip Dujardin

Visitor Centre Abbey site of Villers-la-Ville
Binario architectes sciv sprl

VISITOR CENTRE Abbey site of Villers-la-Ville, 2016, Villers-la-Ville, Belgium, Binario architectes sciv sprl © François Lichtlé

Kindergarten Nová Ruda
Petr Stolín ARCHITEKT S.R.O.

Kindergarten Nová Ruda, 2018, Liberec, Czech Republic, PETR STOLÍN ARCHITEKT s.r.o. © Alexandra Timpau, Tomáš Malý

Startovací rampa BMX
ARCHITEKT Ondřej Tuček

BMX starting ramp, 2018, Bohnice, Praha, Czech Republic, ARCHITEKT Ondřej Tuček © Ondřej Tuček, Viktor Tuček


BELLEVILLE, 2016, Paris, France, SEPTEMBRE © David Foessel

The Chris Marker Student Residence
Eric Lapierre Experience

The Chris Marker Student Residence, 2018, Paris, France, Éric Lapierre Experience © Filip Dujardin

Belvedere per una persona
Amanzio Farris Architetto

Belvedere per una persona / View for just one person, 2015, Roma, Italy, Amanzio Farris Architetto © Amanzio Farris

Museo degli Innocenti
Ipostudio architetti

Museo degli Innocenti, 2016 Florence, Italy Ipostudio Architetti © Pietro Savorelli, Benedetta Gori, Damiano Verdiani, Ipostudio archieve

Power plant for the “Foz Tua” Dam
Souto Moura Arquitectos

Power Plant for the “FOZ TUA” DAM, 2018, Foz do Tua, Portugal, Souto Moura Arquitectos S.A. © Luís Ferreira Alves; Juan Rodriguez and Carlos Castro

Pavilion House
Andreia Garcia Architectural Affairs and Diogo Aguiar Studio

Pavilion House, 2018, Guimarães, Portugal, Andreia Garcia Architectural Affairs and Diogo Aguiar Studio © Fernando Guerra

JRKVC s.r.o.

AnuAzu,2018, Vojka nad Dunajom, Slovakia, JRKVC s.r.o. © Peter Jurkovič

Adaptation of the former factory Mlynica

Adaptation of the former factory Mlynica, 2017, Bratislava, Slovakia, gutgut, s.r.o. © BoysPlayNice Photography & Concept (Jakub Skokan & Martin Tuma)

IMPLUVIUM_Community Center in Reinosa

IMPLUVIUM_Community Center in Reinosa, 2017, Reinosa, Spain, RAW/deAbajoGarcia © Montse Zamorano

Renovation And Extension Ramos Carrion Theatre
MGM Morales de Giles Arquitectos

Renovation and Extension of Ramos Carrión Theatre, 2016, Zamora, Spain, MGM Arquitectos © Jesús Granada and Hisao Suzuki