“Artists in Architecture. Re-Activating Modern European Houses” at Horta Hall Brussels

After a 2 weeks residency in some of the most incredible houses of the 20th century in Belgium, Italy, Romania and Spain, the artists and architects selected for the Artists in Architecture programme will present their work in the Horta Hall in BOZAR.


Olivier Strebelle House, 1955-1958, Uccle, Belgium (c) Antoine Espinasseau


Jacques Ligot in House Strebelle in Uccle, Something Fantastic & Fernanda Tellez in the Willy van der Meeren House in Tervuren, Susanne Mariacher & Helene Schauer in the Marcel Iancu House in Bucharest, Luke James in Casa LeWitt in Praiano, Elena Mazzi in Casina Fiorelli in Pompeii, and Ben Weir in Casa Vilaro in Barcelona, have taken up residence in houses that were built or once inhabited by remarkable cultural figures.


“Artists in Architecture. Re-Activating Modern European Houses”
13 November, 2019 – 12 January, 2020
Horta Hall
rue Ravenstein 23, Brussels


They were asked to develop projects that re-activate lesser known European cultural heritage, by using their artistic practice as a way to highlight some of the house’s most interesting features and history. Each artist elaborated a unique proposal taking the shape of a video, a sculpture, a model, a folio or photographs that BOZAR will present as a wall project in the Horta Hall.


Willy van der Meeren House 1956-1959, Tervuren, Belgium (c) Antoine Espinasseau

House of artist Sol LeWitt, Umberto Castellano & Andrea Pane 1980, Praiano Italy (c) Antoine Espinasseau


A final talk with the artists and the partners of the project is organised on 12th November at BOZAR, followed by a live performance of dancers from PARTS, set by artist Jacques Ligot, as part of the final production from his residency at the Strebelle House.


Casa Vilaró 1928-1930, Barcelona, Spain (c) Antoine Espinasseau

Casina Fiorelli, Archaeological Park of Pompeii, Italy (c) Antoine Espinasseau


The project was developed in partnership with Fundació Mies van der Rohe (Barcelona) and the University of Naples Federico II, with co-funding by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union in the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 (EYCH).


Marcel Iancu House 1935, Bucharest, Romania (c) Antoine Espinasseau


News source: BOZAR Brussels
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