“Architecture with” at deSingel International Arts Campus

The exhibition Architecture with showcases recent creations from Flanders and Brussels in which the social engagement of the user or client is crucial to the design.


Standaertsite, 2018, Gent, Murmuur architecten, carton123 architecten en ae architecten © Michiel De Cleene


People or organisations that support specific target groups, or that strive to make a connection between various social groups, play a central role in this exhibition. This engagement leads to challenging architectural assignments.


“Architecture with”
17 October, 2019 – 12 January, 2020
deSingel International Arts Campus – Expo
Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerpen


The organisations involved often have highly specific target groups and unusual spatial requirements. In other instances, a social context is supported or strengthened by a new building. This spatial context is always inextricably linked to the assignment, and budgets are often limited.



And yet the architects who created the buildings on display have succeeded in designing meaningful spaces in response to these challenging questions. Indeed, the specificity of the task and engagement of the client serve as a breeding ground for carefully considered architectural choices. Architecture with shows how architectural quality can go hand in hand with social commitment.



Architecture with opens simultaneously with the exhibition Case Design. The Craft of Collaboration on 16 October at 8pm in deSingel, Antwerp.


News source: deSingel
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