“Double Exposure: Photography and the Photographer” at Roca Lisboa Gallery

“Double Exposure: Photography and the Photographer”, is an extraordinary exhibition by Fernando Guerra, a Portuguese photographer who works with some of the most famous names in architecture, which you can visit at the Roca Lisboa Gallery.


Dupla exposição: a fotografia e o fotógrafo. Fernando Guerra © Diogo Aguiar Studio


This exhibition aims to make known the undisclosed side of Fernando Guerra, proposing to unite the organic, narrative and contemplative look of the author to the transitivity of his artistic character, so own and individual. And this work exactly mirrors your working method, your travels and your personal life. (more…)

“Olivo Barbieri. Mountains and Parks” at Center Saint-Bénin in Aosta

“Olivo Barbieri. Mountains and Parks” is the personal exhibition dedicated to one of the greatest contemporary photographers to be inaugurated at the Saint-Bénin Center in Aosta on Friday 15 November 2019 at 18.00 and will remain open until Sunday 19 April 2020.


Olivo Barbieri. Mountains and Parks © Olivo Barbieri


The exhibition, curated by Alberto Fiz, is organized by the Exhibition Activities Department of the Department of Tourism, Sport, Commerce, Agriculture and Cultural Heritage of the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta. (more…)

“Syd Mead. Future Cities” at O&O Depot Berlin

An exclusive look into the creative world of one of the great futurists of our time. Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Tron, Blade Runner or Aliens, Mission to Mars and Elysium: For legendary science fiction films Syd Mead created trend-setting and breathtaking worlds. He developed entire cities and mobility concepts with flying cars, autonomous vehicles, space ships.


Downtown Cityscape, Blade Runner, copyright Syd Mead 1981


Syd Meads picture worlds are always characterized by functionality and mostly a positive idea of the future. But for the dystopian cult film Blade Runner, Syd Mead created the vision of a bold and apocalyptic city in which huge skyscrapers dominate the skyline. Now, in November 2019, fiction overlaps with the present, for the 1982 film is set in Los Angeles 2019. (more…)

“Artists in Architecture. Re-Activating Modern European Houses” at Horta Hall Brussels

After a 2 weeks residency in some of the most incredible houses of the 20th century in Belgium, Italy, Romania and Spain, the artists and architects selected for the Artists in Architecture programme will present their work in the Horta Hall in BOZAR.


Olivier Strebelle House, 1955-1958, Uccle, Belgium (c) Antoine Espinasseau


Jacques Ligot in House Strebelle in Uccle, Something Fantastic & Fernanda Tellez in the Willy van der Meeren House in Tervuren, Susanne Mariacher & Helene Schauer in the Marcel Iancu House in Bucharest, Luke James in Casa LeWitt in Praiano, Elena Mazzi in Casina Fiorelli in Pompeii, and Ben Weir in Casa Vilaro in Barcelona, have taken up residence in houses that were built or once inhabited by remarkable cultural figures. (more…)

“Charlotte Perriand: Inventing a New World” at Louis Vuitton Foundation

To mark the twentieth anniversary of the passing of Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999), the Fondation pays tribute to her as an architect and visionary creator through an exhibition of her work exploring the links between art, architecture and design.


Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand. Un équipement intérieur d’une habitation, Salon d’automne, 1929 © F.L.C. / Adagp, Paris, 2019 © Adagp, Paris 2019 © Jean Collas / AChP


On 2 October 2019 the Fondation opens a large-scale exhibition dedicated to Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999), a free woman, pioneer of modernity, a leading figure of the XX century design, who contributed to the definition of a new art de vivre. (more…)

“Lina Bo Bardi. Giancarlo Palanti. Studio d’Arte Palma 1948- 1951” at Design Museum Gent

In this exhibition, Design Museum Gent tells the story of one of the strongest women in 20th-century architecture. As well as being an architect, the Italian-Brazilian Lina Bo Bardi was a writer, set designer, illustrator and furniture designer. That final aspect of her life, often ignored until now, is the main focus of this exhibition.


“Lina Bo Bardi.Giancarlo Palanti. Studio d’Arte Palma 1948- 1951” © Ruy Texteira, courtesy: Nilufar Gallery, Milaan


Lina Bo Bardi Giancarlo Palanti. Studio d’Arte Palma 1948-1951 is a tribute to the Italian-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi. The exhibition presents the largest collection of Bo Bardi furniture ever gathered in one place and focuses on the furniture created in the context of the Studio d’Arte Palma, which was founded by Lina Bo Bardi and the Italian architect Giancarlo Palanti. (more…)

“Baukunst. Performance & Performativity” at BOZAR Brussels

Since 2019, A+ Architecture in Belgium and BOZAR have been coproducing a new series of exhibitions devoted to Belgian architecture firms, which have attracted international attention in recent years. The second exhibition in this series, Performance & Performativity, is devoted to the Brussels architecture firm BAUKUNST, founded by Adrien Verschuere in 2008.


HEdS Genève (c) ArtefactoryLab


The firm’s many interdisciplinary collaborations since its foundation illustrate a dialogical approach to the project development process that places architecture at the crossroads of art and science. (more…)

“Urbagrammi” Paolo Mazzoleni at Galleria Antonia Jannone

Urbagrammi. Dispatches from the city “is a semi-serious photographic project, born from the somewhat compulsive use of the telephone camera and social networks. On display sixty photographs taken by architect Paolo Mazzoleni between 2013 and 2019 documenting places and architecture in Milan, Italy and Europe.


“Urbagrammi” Paolo Mazzoleni at Galleria Antonia Jannone © Paolo Mazzoleni

The shots collected in this project are (almost always) performed in an urban environment and represent my arbitrary point of view on the spaces that through, with particular attention to the specific urban features of the places.  (more…)

“Mario Merz. Time Is Mute” at Palacio de Velázquez Madrid

This retrospective on the work of Mario Merz (Milan, Italy, 1925 – Milan, Italy, 2003) surveys the provenance of a body of work suspended in a kind of pre-historic time, at odds with the discourse of modern-era history.


View of the exhibition “Mario Merz” © MNCARS


This anachronistic perspective, apparent in the choice of materials and iconography, stems from the ideological and committed stance of an artist and his relation to the political and intellectual climate in Italy in the 1960s and 1970s, in addition to his rejection of pervasive capitalism and the American way of life after the Second World War. (more…)

“Natural Beauty” at Palácio Sinel de Cordes within Lisbon Architecture Triennale ’19

“Natural Beauty” explores how the rational nature of construction can embody a form of natural beauty, as an internal coherence of the architectural artefact. The exhibition explores an intelligible beauty where constructive rationality links each part to each other, as a system to create an organic architecture.


Suspended model based on Gaudí’s designs for the calculation of the vaults and structures of the church at the Güell Colony © Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera. Photographer Pau Giralt-Miracle


This allows the subject to be understandable and shareable by all, while staying relevant as a discipline established on a historical and theoretical basis. This reflection on constructive rationality leads to questions beyond the strictly technical and scientific limits of structure and construction, highlighting a genealogy of major examples of works, commissioned in an architecture journey by the portuguese artist Tatiana Macedo. (more…)