“Original Bauhaus” the centenary exhibition at Berlinische Galerie

The Bauhaus existed for only 14 years in Germany, but for 100 years its ideas have now been passed on and its products relaunched, imitated and further developed. Marking the centenary of the Bauhaus’s founding, the Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung’s exhibition at the Berlinische Galerie is presenting famous, familiar and forgotten Bauhaus originals and recounting the history behind the objects.


Woman wearing a theatrical mask by Oskar Schlemmer and seated on Marcel Breuer’s tubular-steel chair, c.1926. Photo: Erich Consemüller, dress material: Elisabeth Beyer-Volger, Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin / © Dr. Stephan Consemüller


Around 1,000 exhibits will be on display: art and design from the Bauhaus-Archiv’s collection, exceptional loans from international collections and artistic positions which take a new look at the Bauhaus legacy. (more…)

Jesper Just “Servitudes – Circuits (Interpassivities)” at MAAT Lisbon

Using the exhibition architecture as a medium that enters into a dialogue with film projections, Danish artist Jesper Just transforms the Oval Gallery into a couple of emotional spaces inhabited by fleeting characters that reflect the human condition in the present era, in a site-specific intervention.


“Servitudes – Circuits (Interpassivities)” © Nuno Pimenta


Through sound, built structures and deconstructed moving images, the artist alters the physicality and perception of exhibition spaces, obstructing the normal flow of museum visitors. This performative approach makes the visitor adjust to unexpected conditions, testing ideas of agency, self-conscience and physical boundaries. (more…)

“Paradigm. The table of the architect Adolfo Natalini” at the Museo Novecento

Adolfo Natalini is the protagonist of the sixth appointment of Paradigma. The periodic project designed by Sergio Risaliti cured by Laura Andreini and realized by Manifattura Tabacchi which sees at the same time the celebrates of architects, collectives and architectural studies of the contemporary panorama are available above and around the table, support for excellence for the creation of an architect.


“Paradigma. The table of the architect Adolfo Natalini” © Adolfo Natalini


For an architectural professional, the table is the mirror of a mental organization where, between a pile of sheets, the agenda and the pen holder, one can cut out his own space, objects related to personal relationships, ideas and habits. (more…)

“Berenice Abbott. Portraits of Modernity” at Huis Marseille

This autumn Huis Marseille will present a large retrospective of the famous American photographer Berenice Abbott (1898–1991). This is the first time that an extensive selection of her work, held by important American collections, will be shown in the Netherlands.


Berenice Abbott. Manhattan Skyline I, South Street and Jones Lane, 1936, 20,3 × 25,4 cm, The New York Public Library © Getty Images/Berenice Abbott


Abbott is one of the key figures in the history of 20th-century photography. Her legacy is not only an eclectic photographic oeuvre but also a strong opinion on the role of photography in society, to which she gave expression in numerous publications. Her work forms a bridge linking the artistic avant-garde in the ‘Old World’ with the emerging art scene of the 1920s and 1930s in New York. (more…)

“Station Point” at ifa Gallery Berlin

In technical drawings, a station point is the point from which a perspective is constructed. Anything that is located behind it, or in its blind spot, will be absent from the drawing. Innab’s Station Point probes spatial representation as a way to reflect on the entanglements of architecture and power. The exhibition unfolds across three chapters.


​Drawing study © Saba Innab


The show opens on a personal note, with a letter from Saba Innab to Malevich, highlighting the blind spots of European avant-gardes and registering the impossibility of love between a Palestinian architect and the modern art movements that nourished her education. (more…)

“Lumière Mystérieuse. Soane and the Architecture of Light” at Sir John Soane’s Museum

The effects of light and shadow profoundly impact how we understand and experience architecture. Bringing together drawings and objects in the spaces of Sir John Soane’s Museum, Lumière Mystérieuse: Soane and the Architecture of Light examines Soane’s innovative use of light and optical devices in architectural design.


“Lumière Mystérieuse. Soane and the Architecture of Light”


Sir John Soane wielded light so successfully that it may as well have been another building material. This exhibition will explore how Soane utilised light, not just through the shapes and ornamentation of his architectural compositions, but also by implementing tools such as top lighting, grilles, coloured glass and mirrors. (more…)

“The Itinerary Towards Tranquility” exhibition at COAM Madrid

Organized by Weiqiao Wang + Yuan Studio and the COAM Architecture Foundation, this exhibition explores the 20 Chinese Buddhist monasteries in Zhejiang Province, focusing on the Temple of Seven Pagodas.


“The Itinerary Towards Tranquility” © COAM


Early in the morning I enter this ancient monastery, the rising sun shines in the mountains. A tree-lined and winding path that leads to a deeper place, lush and colorful flowers bloom around the Buddhist monastery. The mountain is so bright that the birds are more cheerful, the lake is clear and refreshing. At this moment all things are silent, leaving only the sound of the bell. (more…)

“Paola Pivi. World record” at MAXXI Rome

A gigantic expanse of mattresses covering more than 100 square metres, topped by another expanse, identical but overturned to create a padded cave, a narrow space for play or meditation into which the public is invited to climb.


“Paola Pivi, Exhibition view: World record, 2019” Foto Attilio Maranzano, Courtesy l’artista


A captivating site-specific project in which historic works alternate with more recent sculptures and installations. At the entrance, suspended above the heads of the public is a dense web of cushions knotted together and coloured in red and yellow. (more…)

“Gut Feeling” Eva Fàbregas at CentroCentro Madrid

The artistic research undertaken by Eva Fàbregas (Barcelona, 1988) focuses on the body knowledge and the sensory experience that facilitates the policies of the design industry and its continuous and growing production of objects.


“Gut Feeling” exibition view, Eva Fàbregas © Lukasz Michalak


The almost erotic relationship that exists in both directions -from us to objects and from objects to us – affects not only our bodies but also our desires. Can we talk about a design of emotions from the tactile condition of the material environment? What are the physical responses that the somatic produces in our bodies? (more…)

“Olafur Eliasson: Y/our Future Is Now” at Serralves Museum

The Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, in collaboration with BPI and ‘La Caixa’ Foundation, are pleased to present Olafur Eliasson: Y/our future is now, the first solo presentation by the Danish-Icelandic artist in Portugal.


Festival of Future Nows. Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin, 15.09.2017, Olafur Eliasson & Günther Vogt, 21 Yellow forest, 2017 © Foto: David von Becker


Eliasson is renowned for creating artworks that traverse the boundaries of conventional exhibition spaces – like the museum and gallery – in order to assume an active presence in civic space. In this new exhibition, Eliasson invites visitors to navigate a series of recent large-scale installations and sculptures that invoke cycles, arcs, and curves to embody movement. (more…)