Design student’s view on future cities, showing at Galleria Jannone

The display is formed by the superimposition of fifteen of the Politecnico di Milano student’s designs, drawings and architectural models – resulting in a imaginary collective landscape both urban, natural and technological.


Nel Terzo Paradiso, 2015 © Galleria Antonia Jannone

Nel Terzo Paradiso, 2015 © Galleria Antonia Jannone


The Galleria Antonia Jannone in Milan is inaugurating today an exhibition created in collaboration with design students from the Scuola di Design from Politecnico di Milano. Called “In the Third Paradise“, the exhibition displays the student’s visions of a futuristic urban landscape from an immaginative, unprejudiced point of view.

The display is formed by the superimposition of fifteen of the student’s designs, drawings and architectural models – the result is a collective landscape both urban and natural, formed by “Men, animals, plants, unknown matter, orchards and videogames, secret gardens and molten metals, kennels and rocks, gyms, insects, feathers and even rooms to make love“.


“Species of Spaces”, an architectural take on Georges Perec starting this weekend at MACBA

The exhibition, which takes its title from the eponymous book by Georges Perec, brings together works by 40 artists transforming the Museum’s galleries to reflect on private space and the public sphere.


Lois Patiño Estratos de la Imagen, 2015 Still vídeo Cortesia de l’artista

Lois Patiño, Estratos de la Imagen, 2015. Still vídeo. Cortesia de l’artista


The Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona – MACBA, presents Species of Spaces, an exhibition that adopts the appearance of a fragmented building recreating the spatial typologies that the writer Georges Perec (Paris, 1936 – Ivry-sur-Seine, 1982) inventoried in his eponymous book.

Half way between novel and essay, this 1974 publication invites us to reflect on the course of life by wandering from one space to another, from the most private to the public sphere. Frederic Montornés, curator of the exhibition, has freely interpreted the work by the French author and used it as an instruction manual for the construction of the exhibition.


Cergy-Pontoise and the new city ideals, at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

The exhibition answers the questions surrounding the new cities program with a broad display of documents, plans, photographs and audiovisual media, addressing the relationship of these plans with its contemporary intellectuals and similar initiatives in urban planning.

Promotional brochure of the EPA, circa 1974. © ADVO

Promotional brochure of the EPA, circa 1974 © ADV


From June 17 to September 20, Pavillon de l’Arsenal is looking back on the last fifty years of new cities, as in Cergy-Pontoise, a unique ex-novo conurbation on the outskirts of Paris built from the nineteen sixties onward, presenting the exhibition Cergy-Pontoise: formes & fictions d’une ville nouvelle” (Cergy-Pontoise: forms and fictions of a new city). (more…)

Almada Theatre Festival, celebrating theatre and architecture in Lisbon

Within the framework of the 32nd edition of the Almada Theatre Festival, Lisbon will be host to a series of events dedicated to the relationship between theater and architecture through the initiative “Giving place to the happening” with the participation of Luis Amalia Rodrigues Carnero, Tim Simon and João Quintela, among others.


Povera Pavilion by Tim Simon and João Quintela

Povera Pavilion by Tim Simon and João Quintela © Diana Quintela


This year marks the 10th anniversary of the inauguration of the Joaquim Benite Municipal Theatre in Lisbon, designed by the architects Manuel Graça Dias and Egas José Vieira . To mark the date, the Almada Festival created a cycle dedicated to the relationship between theater and architecture .

The highlight of this initiative will be the Povera Pavilion , designed by architects João Quintela and Tim Simon, who are also curators of the other activities programmed. In between theater performances, workshops, exhibitions, educational service initiatives, conferences and debates, it will still be possible to make a tour to the ” Blue Theatre “, guided by Manuel Graça Dias,  who will explain some of the stories that are at the origin of the architectural decisions for the project. (more…)

ARCHI DEPOT TOKYO: the architectural models of 41 Japanese designers on display at the Milan Triennale

Now on display at the Milan Triennale, these architectural models by the 41 major Japanese designers represent the deepest spirit of an architectural culture alive among avant-garde and memory.


Takaharu TEZUKA Yui TEZUKA © Fondazione Archi Depot

Takaharu TEZUKA Yui TEZUKA © Fondazione Archi Depot


The Foundation Archi Depot (Organization for the preservation of the culture of architecture) was established in 2015 by companies Terrada Warehouse and Tokyo Design Center to preserve architectural models and drawings of Japanese culture. The main purpose of the foundation is to preserve and show to  the public the architectural models that, even today, play an important role in spreading the thought of architects. (more…)

“In praise of shadow” Arduino Cantàfora’s paintings at Galerie de l’Univers

Arduino Cantafora, who is in fact an architect himself, has worked over the last 22 years as a teacher and University professor both in the United States and in Europe, where he has taught in EPFL in Lausanne.


Le Venezie possibili © Arduino Cantàfora. Galerie de l’Univers.

Le Venezie possibili © Arduino Cantàfora. Galerie de l’Univers.


The Galerie de l’Univers in Lausanne is displaying, for the third time now, the paintings of the Italian artist Arduino Cantafora, whose work ranges from the evocative depiction of dark, moody interiors to almost architectural-like drawings with a strong sense of perspective. (more…)

“Virtual Control – Security and the Urban Imagination” at RIBA, Max Colson interrogates security design in UK cities

This summer, The Practice Space at RIBA will host an exhibition of photography, video and installation by the artist Max Colson, interrogating privatised public space and security design.


'Images of Enjoyment and Spectacle' Westfield, Stratford © Max Colson

‘Images of Enjoyment and Spectacle’ Westfield, Stratford © Max Colson


Presented by the UCL Urban Laboratory, with support from The Leverhulme Trust, ‘Virtual Control’ focuses on urban environments that are nominally public, but owned and managed by commercial entities. Elements of the exhibition explore how carefully camouflaged surveillance technology is used to monitor these areas, and, potentially, to manipulate behaviour, whilst other sections repurpose ‘photorealistic’ imagery, marketing material and 3D animation techniques used to present idealised versions of urban environments. (more…)

The narrative lines of Giancarlo De Carlo: last week for the exhibition in Venice

Comprising the architect’s work over the course of 20 years (1949-1969), the exhibition serves as a critique to the dogmatic principles of ‘the Modern’, which can be found in De Carlo’s production well before it became part of the international debate of culture.


Matera competition entry "Giancarlo De Carlo, molteplicare la narrazione"  © Iuav Venezia

Matera competition entry “Giancarlo De Carlo, molteplicare la narrazione” © Iuav Venezia


The IUAV in Venice is holding an exhibition on the work of Italian architect Giancarlo De Carlo, focusing on his early critique to the Modern Movement as well as his personal approach to arcitecture design and architecture itself. “Giancarlo De Carlo, multiplying narration”  is now reaching its end, as it will close its doors on July 17, after three weeks of display in the main gallery of Iuav’s headquarters.

Giancarlo de Carlo (1919-2005) spent his career working on the theme of ‘living’ – from private dwellings to shared residencies, extending across a recognizable linear progression of research which began with his professional debut, a set of projects carried out for the INA-Casa Plan in the 1950s.


House in Fontinha by Manuel Aires Mateus

Positioned at the peak of a hill, the two-storey house was conceived as a lookout point offering views out across the Fontinha Estate, but was also planned to offer the same seclusion as a typical courtyard residence.


House in Fontinha © Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

House in Fontinha © Fernando Guerra | FG+SG


Manuel Aires Mateus, ’15 BigMat Award member of the jury and one of the two founders of Aires Mateus Arquitectosteamed up with Ana Cravino and Inês Cordovil of fellow Lisbon office SIA Arquitectura to design House in Fontinha for a site outside the rural town of Melides.


Architecture, design and photography join this summer in Lisbon’s MUDE

This summer, Lisbon’s MUDE is focusing on the relationship between architects and design, with two shows: Eminent Architects and Designer Architects. The installations comprise a broad display of designer objects of the Francisco Capelo Collection and a selection of black and white portraits by Ingrid von Kruse.


Designer Architects / Eminent Architects  © MUDE. Museu do Design e da Moda

Designer Architects / Eminent Architects © MUDE. Museu do Design e da Moda


This summer, the MUDE -the Fashion and Design Museum of Lisbon– focuses on architecture with the inauguration of two simultaneous shows drawing on the relationship between architects and design.

Comprised by objects of the museums main collection, the Coleção Francisco Capelo, the exhibition Designer Architects located on the first floor of the museum displays a series of celebrated designer objects, ranging from chairs to lamps, signed by famous architects like Alvar Aalto, Andrea Branzi, Charles Eames, Michael Graves, Vittorio Gregotti, Arne Jacobsen, Gio Ponti, Jean Prouvé, Carlo Scarpa, Eero Saarinen or  Ettore Sottsass, among many others.