About us

BMIAA, the BigMat International Architecture Agenda, was created in December, 2014, coinciding with the launch of the second edition of the BigMat International Architecture Award, with the goal of becoming the most influential on-line agenda for architectural culture by paying particular attention to innovation and high-quality construction.

This agenda is aimed at a community of individuals interested in the latest news in the world of architecture as well as the most important cultural events related to this discipline and has begun its deployment within the scope of those countries where the sponsoring company, BigMat, is currently established.

The mission of the BMIAA will be threefold: on the one hand, it will reflect current affairs in architecture; secondly, it will create an extensive map of those locations wherever architecture-related events, such as exhibitions or lectures, are taking place; and, finally, it will maintain direct contact with its readership through the submission by the latter of all kinds of contributions related to the communication of architecture.

The editorial team behind BMIAA monitors the most relevant current events in architecture around the globe.



The BigMatGroup, the leading international chain of independent distributors of construction material to warehouses, was created in 1981 with the aim of bringing together companies from different European countries through a formula of mutual co-operation.

The BigMat chain, with over 840 sales outlets in Europe, distributed among seven countries (Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and, most recently, Slovakia), has a global turnover in excess of 2 billion euros and pays particular attention to the whole of the construction sector.

BigMat is available at all times to support the process of carrying out an architectural project by providing construction materials and focusing on professional advice.