“35 Years of S AM” at S AM Basel

The S AM Swiss Architecture Museum is celebrating its 35thbirthday this year. This retrospective traces the development of the museum, bringing together publications, posters by Claudiabasel and artefacts from the over 170 exhibitions put on by the institution to date.


S AM Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum, Aussenansicht Foto: Chrsitian Kahl


The archival materials will be complemented by a collection of architectural drawings, models and other ephemera gifted to the museum by its members and supporters for this occasion. These “birthday gifts” will be handed over by the donors at the opening and will be integrated into the retrospective in the form of a wunderkammer. At the end of the exhibition, the objects will be sold in an auction benefitting the museum.


“35 Years of S AM”
14 October – 26 October, 2019
S AM Swiss Architecture Museum
Steinenberg 7, 4001 Basel


The S AM was founded in 1984 as Architekturmuseum AM in Basel. On the occasion of his 35th birthday, the S AM Swiss Museum of Architecture now looks back on its own history from 15 to 27 October 2019 under the title “35 years of S AM”. On a long birthday table, the approximately 170 exhibitions and 80 publications of the past decades are chronologically presented.


Domus Haus, Rasser + Vadi © Christian Baur

Objekt: Wandlampe Titel: Prototyp Wandlampe Silo, 2017 Urheberschaft: Harry Gugger Studio Ltd Stifter: Harry Gugger Studio Ltd Material: Schwarzstahl Blech und Rohr, gebogen und gezogen, verkabelt und mit einer E27 Porzellan-Lampenfasung versehen.


The partially out of print books are for reading and deepening. This overview is framed by 40 S AM exhibition posters from the past 14 years of the graphic design firm Claudiabasel, which gave the S AM since 2006 an unmistakable visual identity, and artifacts from the museum’s exhibitions.


Objekte: 3xBild Hilti Art Foundation, Vaduz Material: 3x Foto hinter Acrylglas, Rückwand aus Dibond, ohne Aufhängung Titel: Hilti Art Foundation Urheberschaft: Valentin Jeck, Stäfa Stifter: Morger Partner Architekten, Basel

Ausstellungsplakat von Christo zur Eröffnung des Architekturmuseums im Domus-Haus, 1984 fotografiert von Walter Mair mit seinem Rahmen in den früheren Räumen des AM im Domus-Haus Foto: Walter Mair Stifter: Diener & Diener


A collection of architectural drawings, models and other objects donated by members and friends of the museum as “birthday presents” complements the archive materials. These objects will be integrated as a Wunderkammer in the overview show and symbolize the commitment of the friends, members, supporters and supporters who have actively supported the museum over the years. At the end of the exhibition, the gifts will be auctioned off at auction on October 26, 2019, starting at 11 am for the benefit of the S AM.


Objekt: Schaffell (Rückseite), bedruckt, 2015 Titel: Jinhua 02 Urheberschaft: Buchner Bründler Architekten,  ilitt.studio Stifter: Buchner Bründler Architekten Material: Schaffell / Acrylfarbe, handbedruckt

Zusammenstellung S AM Ausstellungsplakate von Claudiabasel

Objekt: 4 Zementplatten Titel: Bodenplatten Hof, Studierendenhaus Erlenmatt-Ost, Basel, 2018 Urheberschaft: Duplex Architekten Stifter: Duplex Architekten Material: Zement, pigmentiert/Zementguss

Objekt: Stehleuchte Unikat Titel: Erinnerung an Ernst Koller Urheberschaft: Ernst Koller/ Rico Baltensweiler Stifter: Jürg Berrel Material: Metall

Objekt: 4 Hocker Titel: Hocker „Kirschgarten“, Edition S AM, 2008 Urheberschaft: Entwurf: HHF Architekten, Produktion: Girsberger- Stifter: HHF Architekten Material: Der Hocker besteht aus 16mm dicken Kernescheplatten und wurde zweifarbig lackiert.

Objekt: Keramikelement Humanitas, 2017 Titel: Profil 2 Urheberschaft: Bachelard Wagner Architekten Stifter: Bachelard Wagner Architekten, Basel & Alterspflegeheim Humanitas, Riehen Material: Keramik, zweifach gebrannt und glasiert

Ausstellungsplakat “35 Jahres S AM” von Claudiabasel


News source: S AM
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