“Re-Practice Re-Visit Re-Turn – Back from Japan” at deSingel International Arts Campus

In spring 2020, the Flanders Architecture Institute is focusing on the link between Japan and Flanders/Brussels. ‘RE-PRACTICE RE-VISIT RE-TURN’ from architects de vylder vinck tallieu is the first exhibition of a season with the baseline ‘Back from Japan’.


“Re-practice Re-visit Re-turn” architecten de vylder vinck taillieu © Nacasa&Partners


For the renowned Ghent-based architectural firm, their Japanese adventure was an opportunity to place Belgian architecture in a broader perspective: how is architecture perceived in a changed social and spatial context? Which elements are retained, and what adjustments does the specific context demand? (more…)

“Art on Display. Formas de expor 1949-69” at Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

Marking the 50th anniversary of the Gulbenkian Museum, this exhibition takes as its starting point the display solutions found for the opening of the Museum in 1969. It also recreates different exhibition design ideas created by Franco Albini and Franca Helg, Carlo Scarpa, Lina Bo Bardi, Aldo van Eyck and Alison and Peter Smithson in other countries.


Alison and Peter Smithson, exposição «Painting & Sculpture of a Decade 54-64», Tate Gallery, Londres, 1964. Vista do interior: escultura «Le Canonnier» de Robert Müller; pintura «Red Ground» de Rodrigo Moynihan. Smithson Family Collection. © Fotografia: Sandra Lousada


This exhibition takes the museography of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum as its starting point, marking its 50th anniversary. The Italian designer Franco Albini advised the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation on the most contemporary examples of good museum design. The museum, which opened in 1969, was strongly influenced by his background in contemporary Italian design, notably that of Carlo Scarpa. (more…)

“Manthey Kula: Postludes” at Betts Project

Manthey Kula is widely recognised in Norway and abroad for their unique and acutely site-specific architecture which works at the intersection of art, architecture and landscape architecture.


“Manthey Kula: Postludes” © Manthey Kula


Betts Project is pleased to present Postludes, an exhibition of newly made paper works by Norwegian architectural practice Manthey Kula. This exhibition marks the architect office’s debut solo presentation in the UK and will be accompanied by a new catalogue. (more…)

“Nature Morte Vivante” Patricia Urquiola at Centro Cultural de la Villa

The first exhibition devoted to Patricia Urquiola in Madrid mainly focuses on her work as a designer, showing her works for industrial production, occasionally for craft production and frequently for the cross between them both.


Patricia Urquiola, Madrid Design Week © Cecilia Rodriguez


The exhibition is laid out in a non-chronological way, gathering the pieces around six still life paintings that explore a series of recurrent themes in her line of work and mindset. These six still life paintings are inspired by Dalí’s painting Nature Morte Vivante, where the objects are depicted in motion, breathing life into them.


“Nature Morte Vivante”
30 January – 1 March, 2020
Centro Cultural de la Villa Fernán Gómez
Plaza de Colón, 4, 28001 Madrid


The exhibition revolves around the following pillars: “Transparent things” brings together a collection of objects that have been important throughout his career, a connection between the past and the future; the so-called “Empathic Journeys” between concepts and projects; the concept of “Resistances”, projects where there is some kind of tension; matters related to gender and all its declensions, a theme called “Gender? What Gender?”; and the positive pollination in the creative process reflected in the “Contaminations” part.


Patricia Urquiola, Madrid Design Week © Cecilia Rodriguez

Patricia Urquiola, Madrid Design Week © Cecilia Rodriguez


The exhibition shows products from the different stages in Urquiola’s career. She founded her own studio in 2001 and designed furniture, carpets, lamps, tableware, vases, fabrics, bathtubs, pottery and tiles, etc. The items reveal her way of tackling different materials and techniques, with inventiveness, creativity and a fresh approach that helps her break away from the traditional standards and often helps her find new answers to old problems.


Patricia Urquiola, Madrid Design Week © Cecilia Rodriguez

Patricia Urquiola, Madrid Design Week © Cecilia Rodriguez


Her interest in color is the ongoing theme of the exhibition and is expressed through moments of rigor or exuberance, while the concern for sustainability is observed in the recurrent use of “Upcycling”, by means of pieces in which recycled materials are reused to produce new objects.


Patricia Urquiola, Madrid Design Week © Cecilia Rodriguez

Patricia Urquiola, Madrid Design Week © Cecilia Rodriguez

“Tisser des liens” Philippe Prost at Laval University

Université Laval is devoting its new exhibition Tisser les liens to the achievements of the Atelier d’Architecture Philippe Prost, presented from February 13, 2020.



Forging links between eras and uses, between architecture and its context, memory and creation, between know-how and innovations, such is the work carried out daily within the Atelier d’Architecture Philippe Prost whether on the scale of the room, the building, the block, the district, the city or even that of a landscape or an entire territory. (more…)

“Olivetti at Toscana. Territory, community, architecture” at Museo della Grafica Pisa

The exhibition “OLIVETTI@TOSCANA.IT Territory, community, architecture in Olivetti’s Tuscany” is dedicated to the characters and architectures that have marked the history of Olivetti in Tuscany.


Mostra Olivetti © Gianluca Giordano


Hosted by the Museo della Grafica and organized by the University of Pisa (Department of Energy, Systems, Land and Construction Engineering and Department of Civilization and Forms of Knowledge, by the Museum of Graphics and by the Museum of Calculation Instruments) , the exhibition was curated by Marco Giorgio Bevilacqua, Mauro Ciampa, Lucia Giorgetti, Stefania Landi and Denise Ulivieri, with the collaboration of the Centro Studi dell’Arte Licia and Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti Foundation and the Olivetti Historical Archive Association. (more…)

“9 itineraries for 100 20th century architecture in Basilicata and Puglia” at Murat Space Bari

Inauguration of the second stage of the traveling exhibition “9 itineraries for 100 20th century architecture in Basilicata and Puglia”, curated by Antonello Pagliuca and Mauro Sàito, organized by the Basilicata and Puglia sections of Do.co.mo.mo Italia.


Nicola Pagliara, Chiesa dell’Annunziata a Colobraro (Matera, 1969) – Foto Pierangelo Laterza


The exhibition is the result of a cataloging activity of the architectural heritage regional of the twentieth century, understood as an ‘open’ and implementable tool, with which we aim to get to know and put 100 modern architectures of recognized quality ‘on the net’. The values ​​of these works in the Appulo-Lucan area, often found in similar aspects of other architectures built in different places, times and circumstances, are enhanced by those that can be identified through the independent consideration of the individual works . (more…)

“Sáenz de Oíza. Arts and Crafts” at ICO Museum

“Sáenz de Oíza. Arts and crafts”, an exhibition to explore the eyes and inspiration of the great reference of twentieth-century architecture. The ICO Museum joins with this exhibition the celebration of the centenary of the birth of Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oíza (Cáseda-Navarra, 1918 – Madrid, 2000), the polyhedral artist, undoubtedly one of the most outstanding architects of the Spanish architecture of the twentieth century.


Francisco Javier Saénz de Oíza, Palacio de Festivales de Santander. Cross section.


In eighty-two years of life he traveled 500 of existence, learning and production. Since the Middle Ages, in which he claimed to have been born by his childhood in rural Casedana roughness, Oíza travels, mixes with the Vanguards of the twentieth century and dedicates his last five decades to the creation for which he is commemorated today. (more…)

“Critical Care. Architecture for a Broken Planet” at Deutsches Architektur Zentrum

A Planet in crisis. Earth in intensive care. Human-made environmental and social catastrophes are threatening to render the planet uninhabitable. The situation is critical, and dominated by the interests of capital. architecture and urbanism are caught up in the crisis.


Emergency Architecture & Human Rights (EAHR): 100 classrooms for refugee children, Za’atari Village, Jordan, 2017 © photograph: Martina Bo Rubino


But it could all be different. The Critical Care exhibition presented first at the Architekturzentrum Wien (Az W) presents 21 current projects from around the world, including earthquake-proof and sustainable village development in China, flood protection through traditional low-carbon construction techniques in Pakistan and Bangladesh, diverse conversions of modernist buildings in Brazil and Europe, an ecological community land trust in Puerto Rico, the revitalization of historic irrigation systems in Spain, and new concepts for public spaces and mixed urban districts in Vienna, London, and Nairobi. On the basis of these and other projects, Critical Care proves that architecture and urbanism can bring the planet back to life. The repair of the future has begun.

“The Housing Laboratory. Zurich” at Citè de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine

Zurich, the economic capital of Switzerland, has become a benchmark in housing architecture. Through a corpus of more than thirty projects, this exhibition testifies to the dynamic of reinvention of housing carried out for twenty years by the municipality, housing cooperatives and architects.


Le Laboratoire du logement. Zurich, les coopératives réinventent le logement social © Johannes Marburg


Very well developed in certain countries such as Switzerland, cooperative housing was initiated over a hundred years ago; however, it remained marginal in France. Also called “third way of housing”, it is located halfway between rental and private property. (more…)