“Under the Radar” at S AM Basel

The ‘architecture’ of territory is largely designed without architects. Nevertheless, or precisely for this reason, architects today are increasingly investigating the processes that define these territorial spaces. In the exhibition ‘Under the Radar’, the S AM Swiss Architecture Museum explores this theme and presents research projects, which deal with investigative architecture.


“Under the Radar” at S AM Basel © S AM Basel


Architecture is usually thought of as synonymous with building, and this notion strongly informs both how architects perceive themselves and how they are perceived by others. However, much of the work of architecture takes place before and after the actual act of construction: As architects probe the conditions governing the territories in which they are intervening, they observe, ask questions and venture into realms beyond that of the construction site. In a process similar to that of investigative journalism, they collect pieces of evidence, analyse them and synthesise them into a narrative. Thus, architects also reveal the mechanisms that tend to remain in the background: They use their spatial analyses to visualise the exploitation, management and control of their respective territories, such that certain conditions, which otherwise would remain under the radar, become apparent. (more…)

“Hotel Metropolis – Since 1818” at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

The exhibition “Hotel Metropolis – Since 1818” illustrates the history of this form of architecture since its emergence, depicts the current state of Paris’ hotels, and explores new perspectives on these institutions in light of the environmental challenges we have begun to face.


“Hotel Metropolis – Since 1818” at Pavillon de l’Arsenal © Salem Mostefaoui


Hotels are familiar sights in our cities, ones that have been rooted in the urban landscape for as long as we can remember. They are also a building that is perpetually subject to modification, in anticipation of social, economic, and cultural changes.  (more…)

“Balkrishna Doshi: Architecture for the People” at A.M. Munich

The Architekturmuseum der TU München presents with the exhibition “Balkrishna Doshi: Architecture for the People” the first international retrospective about the 2018 Pritzker Prize laureate Balkrishna Doshi (born 1927, Pune, India) outside of Asia.


© Vastushilpa Foundation, Ahmedabad


The renowned architect and urban planner is one of the few pioneers of modern architecture in his home country and the first Indian architect to receive the prestigious award. During over 60 years of practice, Doshi has realized a wide range of projects, adopting principles of modern architecture and adapting them to local culture, traditions, resources, and nature.  (more…)

“Distance Extended / 1979 – 1997. Part I” at Herbert Foundation

“Distance Extended / 1979 – 1997. Part I” marks the beginning of a new long-term exhibition project that will shed light on the second generation of artists within the Herbert Collection.


“Distance Extended / 1979 – 1997. Part I” at Herbert Foundation © Yuri van der Hoeven


The presentation succeeds Time Extended / 1964 – 1978, a three-part exhibition project that examined the early years of the Herbert Collection. Against the backdrop of the socio-cultural changes around May 1968, the Collection was started in 1973 and focused on the work of avant-garde artists like Carl Andre, Sol LeWitt, Art & Language, Jan Dibbets, Marcel Broodthaers, Bruce Nauman, Daniel Buren, Dan Graham and Mario Merz. (more…)

“The Bauhaus in the Thyssen Collections” at Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum Madrid

To mark the centenary of the Bauhaus’s founding, the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza is organising an exhibition comprising 14 works from its permanent collection by artists historically associated with the school. It focuses on works created during the life of the Bauhaus (1919-33), some of which were included in the major exhibition held there in the summer of 1923.


ALBERS, Josef_Casa Blanca B, 1947-1954


The Bauhaus (literally “building house”), which opened in Weimar in April 1919, can be considered one of the 20th-century’s most innovative artistic initiatives. During its fourteen years of existence it revolutionised traditional art teaching and created its own style. By the time it closed in July 1933 its legacy had spread to all the principal international centres of modern art while today, one hundred years after its founding, its teachings continue to be a reference point for any school of art and architecture. (more…)

“Double Exposure: Photography and the Photographer” at Roca Lisboa Gallery

“Double Exposure: Photography and the Photographer”, is an extraordinary exhibition by Fernando Guerra, a Portuguese photographer who works with some of the most famous names in architecture, which you can visit at the Roca Lisboa Gallery.


Dupla exposição: a fotografia e o fotógrafo. Fernando Guerra © Diogo Aguiar Studio


This exhibition aims to make known the undisclosed side of Fernando Guerra, proposing to unite the organic, narrative and contemplative look of the author to the transitivity of his artistic character, so own and individual. And this work exactly mirrors your working method, your travels and your personal life. (more…)

“Olivo Barbieri. Mountains and Parks” at Center Saint-Bénin in Aosta

“Olivo Barbieri. Mountains and Parks” is the personal exhibition dedicated to one of the greatest contemporary photographers to be inaugurated at the Saint-Bénin Center in Aosta on Friday 15 November 2019 at 18.00 and will remain open until Sunday 19 April 2020.


Olivo Barbieri. Mountains and Parks © Olivo Barbieri


The exhibition, curated by Alberto Fiz, is organized by the Exhibition Activities Department of the Department of Tourism, Sport, Commerce, Agriculture and Cultural Heritage of the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta. (more…)

“Syd Mead. Future Cities” at O&O Depot Berlin

An exclusive look into the creative world of one of the great futurists of our time. Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Tron, Blade Runner or Aliens, Mission to Mars and Elysium: For legendary science fiction films Syd Mead created trend-setting and breathtaking worlds. He developed entire cities and mobility concepts with flying cars, autonomous vehicles, space ships.


Downtown Cityscape, Blade Runner, copyright Syd Mead 1981


Syd Meads picture worlds are always characterized by functionality and mostly a positive idea of the future. But for the dystopian cult film Blade Runner, Syd Mead created the vision of a bold and apocalyptic city in which huge skyscrapers dominate the skyline. Now, in November 2019, fiction overlaps with the present, for the 1982 film is set in Los Angeles 2019. (more…)

“Artists in Architecture. Re-Activating Modern European Houses” at Horta Hall Brussels

After a 2 weeks residency in some of the most incredible houses of the 20th century in Belgium, Italy, Romania and Spain, the artists and architects selected for the Artists in Architecture programme will present their work in the Horta Hall in BOZAR.


Olivier Strebelle House, 1955-1958, Uccle, Belgium (c) Antoine Espinasseau


Jacques Ligot in House Strebelle in Uccle, Something Fantastic & Fernanda Tellez in the Willy van der Meeren House in Tervuren, Susanne Mariacher & Helene Schauer in the Marcel Iancu House in Bucharest, Luke James in Casa LeWitt in Praiano, Elena Mazzi in Casina Fiorelli in Pompeii, and Ben Weir in Casa Vilaro in Barcelona, have taken up residence in houses that were built or once inhabited by remarkable cultural figures. (more…)

“Charlotte Perriand: Inventing a New World” at Louis Vuitton Foundation

To mark the twentieth anniversary of the passing of Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999), the Fondation pays tribute to her as an architect and visionary creator through an exhibition of her work exploring the links between art, architecture and design.


Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand. Un équipement intérieur d’une habitation, Salon d’automne, 1929 © F.L.C. / Adagp, Paris, 2019 © Adagp, Paris 2019 © Jean Collas / AChP


On 2 October 2019 the Fondation opens a large-scale exhibition dedicated to Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999), a free woman, pioneer of modernity, a leading figure of the XX century design, who contributed to the definition of a new art de vivre. (more…)