Jesper Just “Servitudes – Circuits (Interpassivities)” at MAAT Lisbon

Using the exhibition architecture as a medium that enters into a dialogue with film projections, Danish artist Jesper Just transforms the Oval Gallery into a couple of emotional spaces inhabited by fleeting characters that reflect the human condition in the present era, in a site-specific intervention.


“Servitudes – Circuits (Interpassivities)” © Nuno Pimenta


Through sound, built structures and deconstructed moving images, the artist alters the physicality and perception of exhibition spaces, obstructing the normal flow of museum visitors. This performative approach makes the visitor adjust to unexpected conditions, testing ideas of agency, self-conscience and physical boundaries. (more…)

“Paradigm. The table of the architect Adolfo Natalini” at the Museo Novecento

Adolfo Natalini is the protagonist of the sixth appointment of Paradigma. The periodic project designed by Sergio Risaliti cured by Laura Andreini and realized by Manifattura Tabacchi which sees at the same time the celebrates of architects, collectives and architectural studies of the contemporary panorama are available above and around the table, support for excellence for the creation of an architect.


“Paradigma. The table of the architect Adolfo Natalini” © Adolfo Natalini


For an architectural professional, the table is the mirror of a mental organization where, between a pile of sheets, the agenda and the pen holder, one can cut out his own space, objects related to personal relationships, ideas and habits. (more…)