“Where I am free” Carlos Bunga at MAAT Lisbon

“Where I am free” is the first exhibition exclusively dedicated to the role of drawing in Carlos Bunga’s oeuvre. This exhibition is the result of a collaboration between the Fundação Carmona e Costa and the MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, which is showing the artist’s first large survey show in Portugal.


Carlos Bunga @ Fundação Carmona e Costa_Courtesy of EDP Foundation © Bruno Lopes


‘My project is a kind of architecture; it’s not a real space but a mental idea.’ Carlos Bunga’s (b.1976) sculptural and painterly structures propose architecture as both body and mindscape. The exhibition begins with a small model of social housing where the artist grew up. It is the beginning of a journey from the miniature to the monumental. Using only cardboard and paint, Bunga builds fantastical architectural models, furniture as sculptures and paintings as immersive environments. (more…)

“High Agora” at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Haute Agora is a study led by architect Jean-Christophe Quinton in collaboration with Bollinger + Grohmann engineers. It explores the potential of large structures to host human activities. The project intertwines and develops more virtuous new technical systems that would use less material, and a study for more diversified space use in high-rise buildings.


“High Agora” © Antoine Espinasseau


This research started a year ago and deals with the resources of architecture and engineering, measure and space, verticality and the potential environments it generates. It results in a geometry with endless possibilities of adaptation, its structure pushing back the traditional building limits. Supported by only 30 centimetre-thick veils of concrete from the ground, Haute Agora rises to 700 meters and saves space. (more…)

“The House of the Explorer” at deSingel International Arts Campus

In the exhibition “The House of the Explorer”, the Flanders Architecture Institute offers a unique view into the universe of the Antwerp architectural firm. As a visitor, you get under the skin of the architect-explorer who ends up in a wondrous world full of concrete buildings and paper ideas.


Campagnebeeld The House of the Explorer_Leysstraat 7-15, Antwerpen, Bovenbouw & Barbara Van Der Wee Architects (Foto Filip Dujardin)


Designing from a desire for the most suitable ‘Designing relevant buildings that say the right things about the city.’ This is what Bovenbouw Architectuur stands for. The young Antwerp architectural firm provided a wide range of projects these past few years that aim to serve society. ‘As an architectural firm, we try not to put our needs as designers in first place’, says Somers. ‘We do not work from a desire for innovation, but more from a desire for the specific and the most suitable.’ (more…)