“Transitional Models” Nieto Sobejano Architects, MP&MP Rosado and SUPERFLEX at C3A Córdoba

The exhibition is located in the space annexed to the studios, which is permanently open to the visitor and further increases the cultural and exhibition offer of the C3A. At the same time, the deposit by the SUPERFLEX collective of two monumental sculptures is made public.


“Transitional Models” Nieto Sobejano Architects, MP&MP Rosado and SUPERFLEX © C3A


The Contemporary Creation Center of Andalusia, C3A, presents the exhibition “Transitional Models: Nieto Sobejano Architects, MP&MP Rosado and SUPERFLEX”. This presentation, integrated by works of architects and visual creators, occupies the spaces annexed to the studios for artists in residence and the workshops. It presents a reflection on the very notion of model and model, architecture, representation and function, as a field of research in their daily performance. If art can speak of the image as representation, the selected works dilute the clear border between the useful (the sketch) and the end in itself (the work of art). (more…)

“ACROSS – 8 offices, 8 objects, 8 projects” at BOZAR Brussels

After two successful editions in 2015 and 2016, A+ Architecture in Belgium organized a new series of Across lectures in 2018 in collaboration with the Flanders Architecture Institute (VAi) and the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Liège.


Henri Madam architectuur © Tim Van de Velde


Throughout the year, four young French-speaking architects spoke in Antwerp, while four Dutch-speaking architects gave a conference in Liège. This year, each conference was introduced by a senior architect from the neighbouring linguistic region. (more…)