“AFF Architekten – Ambiguous Form Finder” at House of Art of České Budějovice

For the final exhibition of the year at the House of Art, the work of Berlin’s AFF architecture studio will be presented. AFF’s architects understand architecture as an object, This does not mean that their realized buildings should be seen as sculptures – i.e., as structures where the emphasis is primarily on the outer form. The studio was founded in 1999 by Torsten Lockl and brothers Martin and Sven Fröhlich.


Strassenfront I © Hans Christian Schink


Their approach grows from a concept that has its roots in the very beginnings of each project, when – using tried-and-true techniques – they carefully develop and perfect their works “on the fly,” so that the final product will be a sensitive and fitting solution to the task at hand. In other words, the building should function within the context of the place while also fully meeting all the demands of functionality. (more…)

“Perspective. Journey through the Archives of Fondazione Fiera Milano” by OMA

The exhibition portrays Italian and European society and economy in the last century through the lens of the cultural legacy of Fiera Milano, the international trade fair in Milan which presented the newest industrial developments and products since it was first organized in 1920.


Fiera di Milano, 1953 A1 104 © Fondazione Fiera


The exhibition Prospettiva. Viaggio negli archivi di Fondazione Fiera Milano / Perspective. Journey through the Archives of Fondazione Fiera Milano, curated and designed by OMA’s Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, opened in Milan last week. Prospettiva marks the launch of the Archivi fotografici project, resulting from a new partnership between Fondazione Fiera Milano, AFIP International (Association of Professional Italian Photographers) and Triennale di Milano, and offers the public the opportunity to see the photographic collections of the Archivio della Fondazione Fiera Milano. (more…)