BigMat International Architecture Award ’19 registration will open next January

The 4th edition of the biennial BigMat Architecture Award rewards quality architectural production in Europe with more than 70.000€, distributed in 1 Grand Prize, 6 National Prizes, 7 Prizes for Finalists and one Special Mention for Young Architects. Check out all the info here.


BigMat ’17 Grand Prize for Architecture, FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais by Lacaton & Vassal © Philippe Ruault


The registration period for the 4th edition of the BigMat International Architecture Award will open next 14th of January. In the last edition the FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais art center by the French architects Lacaton & Vassal followed the kitchen tower by Xaveer De Geyter (winner in 2013) and the office building by Alberto Campo Baeza (winner in 2015) as Grand Prize of the biannual award.

The Prize aims to reward and call attention to those architectural works that have made a major contribution to contemporary architectural culture in Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain. (more…)

“Reconstructions” at La Triennale di Milano

The exhibition will provide an overview of reconstruction work from different times and places and a reflection on the future prospects of an action that will increasingly involve governments and architects. The reconstruction of cities and territories used to be only occasional, but epoch-making events, though rare, have made it a constant practice, due to the intensification of wars, earthquakes and other types of catastrophe around the world.


La Triennale Milano, “Ricostruzioni” © Gianluca di Ioia


It is also due to the inability of affected populations to cope on their own in the aftermath. However, the accumulation of vast experience has not always led to the formation of a real heritage that can be used as a model. The most recent destructive events in Italy have shown an increase in emergency-based responses and the consequent rejection of past experiences. (more…)

Nature. Michele De Lucchi “The Missing Link” exhibition at MAXXI

An environmental installation, charged with meanings and references. Architect and designer Michele De Lucchi is the protagonist of the sixth edition of the Nature of monographic exhibitions, on which occasion the host is asked to design a site-specific installation representative of his research before the public.


Michele De Lucchi, L’anello mancante, penna e pennarello nero su carta, 13 maggio 2018 Quadernino nero 22, 2018


Architect and designer Michele De Lucchi, who grew up next to the Florentine radicals and Sottsass, created an iconic object such as the Tolomeo lamp, designed Olivetti’s computers and re-humanised buildings all over the world, is the protagonist of the sixth edition of the cycle of monographic exhibitions NATURE, curated by Margherita Guccione, Director of MAXXI Architettura, and Pippo Ciorra, Senior Curator of MAXXI Architettura. This exhibition formula of MAXXI requires the hosted architect to design a site-specific installation summarising their own architectural research. (more…)

“Enchanting Traces. Reflections on b720 Arquitectos’ work” at AEDES Architecture Forum Berlin

Barcelona’s Encants Market, dating back more than seven centuries, is one of Europe’s oldest. In 2013, it moved to its current site in a space designed by b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos. The project strives to maintain the spirit of open-air markets with the design of a large public square covered by material that reflects its day-to-day activity


b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos, Mercat Encants, Barcelona, 2013 © Rafael Vargas


These design strategies have made it one of the world’s most famous markets and one of the b720 Fermín Vázquez studio’s signature works. b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos, founded in conjunction with Ana Bassat in 1997 and headed by Fermín Vázquez, has offices in Barcelona and Madrid. (more…)

“The Cathedral of Malaga. An unfinished symphony” exhibition by Marinauno

The exhibition “The Cathedral of Malaga. An unfinished symphony” has been designed in three different formats; an installation located in the trascoro of the cathedral, a book and an audiovisual piece. With these three systems the process of the construction of the cathedral and those signs of identity that make the temple a unique building in the history of architecture is explained.


“The Cathedral of Malaga. An unfinished symphony” by marinauno © Fernando Alda


The installation located in the trascoro is raised with a structure of scaffolding from which they take off large format images, drawings and explanatory texts. An installation that symbolizes that the cathedral of Malaga is under construction. (more…)

“Dentro La Strada Novissima” at MAXXI Rome

20 facades designed by 20 architects including Frank O. Gehry, Rem Koolhaas, Hans Hollein, Franco Purini, Arata Isozaki, Robert Venturi, Osvald Mathias Ungers draw the Strada Novissima, the exhibition curated by Paolo Portoghesi at the first Biennale of Architecture in 1980. Today at MAXXI, a focus dedicated to that exhibition is an opportunity to reflect on a crucial moment in the history of twentieth century architecture.


La Strada Novissima Veduta dell’allestimento con le facciate di Gordon Smith, GRAU, Holein e Scolari Biennale di Venezia, 1980 Courtesy Paolo Portoghesi


The First International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale curated by Paolo Portoghesi opened on 27 July 1980, and was entitled La Presenza del Passato [The Presence of the Past]. During this Biennale, Paolo Portoghesi proposed the exhibition La Strada Novissima, that involved 20 international architects who created 20 life-size facades to activate a reflection on the theme of the road and create a concrete image of a different way of thinking about architecture. (more…)

“Peter Barber: 100 Mile City and Other Stories” at the Design Museum

In the first ever exhibition of his work, acclaimed British architect and urbanist, Peter Barber explores the constraints and possibilities presented by London’s current housing crisis, and the role of architecture in creating a more humane city. The exhibition will include hand-made models, drawings and large-scale photographs, as well as a selection of Barber’s sketchbooks.


Holmes road. Photo credits Morley Von Sternberg and Peter Barber


The United Kingdom, and London in particular, is currently in the midst of an acute housing crisis. In London alone, there are currently 170,000 homeless people, 8,000 rough sleepers, 20,000 empty homes and 120 families losing their home each day. To satisfy demand, it is estimated that the UK needs to build around 300,000 new homes a year, but the present supply stands at around half that level. Where, and how, homes should be built is an area of intense debate. (more…)

“Backstage” Menis Arquitectos at AEDES Architecture Forum Berlin

For the development of his architecture, Fernando Menis prefers to use three-dimensional materials such as clay in order to design shape and dimension of the buildings in an ongoing modelling process. During his 40 years of practice, a multitude of typologies has been created whose sculptural formal language possesses an outstanding expressiveness.


Menis, CKK Jordanki © Jakub Certowicz


In the exhibition, these models of planned and realised projects by the Canarian office are presented inside a walk-in cubic space, including the Concert and Congress Hall ‘CKK Jordanki’ in Toruń/Poland, the Hotel Complex ‘Bürchen Mystik’ in Switzerland or the Public Swimming Pool ‘Badeschiff’ in Berlin. Thus, the installation is dedicated to creative processes and innovative approaches that make the work of Menis Arquitectos so unique. (more…)

“The Art of The Building Site” at Citè de l’Architecture

The exhibition juxtaposes different viewpoints. It brings together a collection of works and documents produced by artists, journalists and amateurs, but also those who work in situ: engineers, architects, contractors and – what is rarer – labourers, through votive offerings or masterpieces produced by the Compagnons charpentiers des Devoirs du Tour de France.


Alain Bublex, Plug-in City, Expérience monumentale, 2003 – Photo : C. Pompidou MNAM-CCI Dist. RMN-GPAdagp


How Western Man has seen, designed and imagined the place where building occurs since the Renaissance. The great diversity of observers, the plurality of images and the different audiences they turn to show that this is a powerful theme, which is far broader than the fields of architecture and technique. (more…)

“12 Views of Venice, 2018” exhibition of drawings at ETH Zurich

We are pleased to announce the exhibition “12 Views of Venice, 2018” which features drawings by thirty-seven architecture students from ETH Zurich, University of Tsukuba, and The University of Queensland, who participated in the Architectural Ethnography Summer School in the Japan Pavilion at the 16th Architecture Biennale in Venice.


Hiroe Shida, Vivian W. S. Ting, Jeremy Wooldridge: “Relation-ship”, View of Campo della Pescaria, Venice, 2018


Through the means of collaborative pencil drawings, the school explored twelve different public spaces in Venice, both at the centre and at the periphery. Views of the city from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century provided the school with a common starting point. Using these references, students surveyed the interrelations between human behaviours and architecture, and between past and present. The result is an urban portrait that reinvents how we imagine Venice by connecting the spaces of tourists with those of locals, and the clashes of modern life with the rites of past centuries. (more…)