“Kasper Akhøj. Welcome (To The Teknival)” at Ivorypress Madrid

Ivorypress is pleased to present artist Kasper Akhøj’s latest project, entitled Welcome (To The Teknival). The exhibition, open until 3 November 2018, consists of a photographic series taken by Akhøj between the spring of 2009 and summer of 2017 during the ongoing restoration of E-1027, Maison en bord de mer.


"Kasper Akhøj. Welcome (To The Teknival)" © Kasper Akhøj

“Kasper Akhøj. Welcome (To The Teknival)” © Kasper Akhøj


They are based on a series of photographs by Eileen Gray, first published by Jean Badovici in a special issue of the journal L’Architecture Vivante from 1929, the year their villa in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin on the Côte d’Azur first stood finished. (more…)

“Mario Bellini. Il disegno del progetto” exhibition at Politecnico di Milano

The exhibition presents over two hundred sketches and drawings made by Mario Bellini and his studio in the last forty years, concerning some of the most significant projects developed in his long and prolific career.


Mario Bellini. Louvre competition © Mario Bellini

Mario Bellini. Louvre competition © Mario Bellini


It is to be considered an introductory review ranging from design to architecture, with some fantastic digressions; four architectural projects in chronological order; nine furniture design projects.Looking at the sequences of drawings, witnesses of the different design paths undergone by Bellini, it is clear that the drawing is the place where the project takes shape. Drawing becomes an instrument of research, of thought, of examination of reality; an effective means of communication to visualize, verify and share an idea; a powerful memory aid, which refers to the personal repository of images and references, stratified over time, which the architect can use – even unconsciously – whenever he undertakes a new interpretative or design adventure. (more…)

“The last days in Galliate” Leonor Antunes at Pirelli HangarBicocca

Through her sculptures Leonor Antunes (Lisbon, 1972) reinterprets the history of art, design, and architecture of the twentieth century, and in particular the Modernist tradition, in its most radical and experimental instances. Thanks to a meticulous research into several projects and works, Antunes, after selecting specific details and fragments, transforms them into new forms and elegant artworks.


“The last days in Galliate” Leonor Antunes exhbition view ©  Pirelli HangarBicocca

“The last days in Galliate” Leonor Antunes exhbition view © Pirelli HangarBicocca


For her sculptures Antunes prefers to use natural and organic materials on which the traces of time passing remain visible—rope, wood, leather, brass, rubber, and cork, among others—employing artisanal and vernacular techniques in clear opposition to mass production, in an ongoing attempt to preserve and hand down knowledge and traditional skills. (more…)

“Oh Mountains, Oh Mountains, Oh Mountains” at Vila Flóra

The exhibition previously shown at the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague and at the Design Factory in Bratislava is now presented at Villa Flora in Starý Smokovec. It features contemporary architecture in the Czech and Slovak mountains in the historical and landscape context.


"Oh Mountains, Oh Mountains, Oh Mountains" exhibition view © Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera

“Oh Mountains, Oh Mountains, Oh Mountains” exhibition view © Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera


After several inspiring exhibitions dedicated to quality new buildings and renovations of mountain structures in Alpine or Norwegian environment, the GJF will present works in the Czech and Slovak mountains and mountain ranges. Although both countries have different morphological layout, they share almost a century of common history that has fundamentally influenced their architectural development. (more…)

“Spanish Architectures. Chronicle from Europe” at La Arqueria de Nuevos Ministerios Madrid

The exhibition will present all the works built by Spanish architecture studios and also from the rest of Europe in Spanish territory and which have been nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award.


2007 MUSAC by Mansilla y Tuñon. Photograph © Luis Asín 2007 MUSAC by Mansilla y Tuñon. Photograph © Luis Asín Image 8 of 12

2007 MUSAC by Mansilla y Tuñon. Photograph © Luis Asín


All these works have been highlighted by independent experts and have been analyzed and debated by international juries who have contributed to the recognition and dissemination of contemporary Spanish architecture. The exhibition will feature models, photographs, drawings, texts and interviews and will be contextualized with the cultural, social, technological, political and economic events that have taken place in Spain and Europe since the country joined the European Union. (more…)

“Nahum Tevet – Five Rooms” at House of Art of České Budějovice

The České Budějovice House of Art is honored to be the first venue in the Czech Republic to present the work of Israeli artist Nahum Tevet. The work of Nahum Tevet is founded on three main pillars: painting, sculpture, and architecture. One typical feature of his work (both his smaller works as well as his large installations) is a sense of “incompleteness” and working with scale.


Nahum Tevet – Five Rooms © České Budějovice House of Art

Nahum Tevet – Five Rooms © České Budějovice House of Art


Tevet’s language of archetypal forms resembling objects of everyday use – books, boxes, tables, chairs, beds, boats – possesses multiple meanings through which he asks various questions. His colorful constructions, which change as the viewer moves through the installation, form the foundation for structures that we are incapable of reading as a whole. The aforementioned archetypal forms combine to produce mysterious and restless places filled with multiple meanings and references. One such example is his largest sculpture to date, Seven Walks – a remarkable work created in 1997–2004 that was last exhibited at Munich’s Villa Stuck in late 2017 and early 2018. (more…)

“Meili, Peter & Partner. Unikum” at Architektur Galerie Berlin

The exhibition “Unikum” is dedicated to the topic of living, which has become a central focus in the work of Meili, Peter & Partner Architects. To this end, the entire exhibition space is approached as a dwelling. An installation in the middle is equipped with the functional areas of the kitchen, bathroom, and cloakroom, which reach out in different directions, dividing the room into individual areas.


© Meili, Peter & Partner Architekten AG

© Meili, Peter & Partner Architekten AG


This unique space – an “Unikum” – celebrates the qualities of building materials such as steel, wood, and plastic. Pleasurable and playful on the one hand, it is also raw and edgy on the other.The installation not only invites visitors to discover its diverse shapes, colors, and materials. It also shows that designing a dwelling is more than merely optimizing the arrangement of white walls. (more…)

“Manifesto of Prefabrication. BBGK Architekci” at SATELLIT Architektur Galerie Berlin

The apartment building Sprzeczna 4, completed by BBGK Architekci in 2017, is considered a prototype in Poland. With its combination of excellent architecture and quality of execution, it counters the battered reputation that modular construction has in Poland due to the countless concrete housing estates from the communist era.


Sprzeczna 4  BBGK Architekci © Juliusz Sokolowski

Sprzeczna 4 BBGK Architekci © Juliusz Sokolowski


The multifamily building was built on a small, irregular plot of land – itself an anomaly given the stereotype of the slab block throughout Poland – located within a 19th century block-edge development in the Praga district of Warsaw. The architects made use of various prefabrication technologies, such as the use of large elements, colored exposed concrete with prints and reliefs, electrical installations integrated into the walls, and heated ceiling systems. (more…)

“Arkhè” new exhibition devoted to the Frac Centre-Val de Loire’s collection

The new series of exhibitions devoted to the Frac Centre-Val de Loire’s collection, invites the visitor to reconsider the very foundations on which architectural experimentation has been built since the start of the 1950s.


Coop Himmelb(l)au Villa Rosa, 1967 Scale model Bois, plastique, plexiglas, métal, peinture, mousse synthétique, polystyrène 44 x 68 x 68 cm 999 01 01 © Philippe Magnon

Coop Himmelb(l)au, Villa Rosa, 1967 Scale model Bois, plastique, plexiglas, métal, peinture, mousse synthétique, polystyrène 44 x 68 x 68 cm © Philippe Magnon


This first phase called “Arkhè”, looks back over contemporary interpretations of architecture’s founding myth. From the teachings of Vitruvius, in the 1st century BC, to Reyner Banham’s flamboyant and resolutely pop iconoclasm, architecture has not ceased unveiling its origins: primitive hut or first fire, woven canvas or sculpted monument, garden of Eden or mother’s womb… Behind each model, behind each new start, is a certain vision of man: the first architecture prescribes what the last man will be. (more…)

“Dissident Visions. Experimental Architecture Exhibition” at UPV Valencia

The dissident vision transports us to a contemporary space and, in turn, full of nostalgia. It is a re-reading of an architecture that seems distant but with many points of contact with the discourses and currents of the architectural present.


Instant City, Archigram © Archigram

Instant City, Archigram © Archigram


The aim of this exhibition is to expose and raise questions about the current perception on architecture – the way the architecture are thought and taught over the past decades architectures schools and concepts of our own times brought us to an understanding that we are coming back to the same dream – reexamining the same standards just in a different timeline.