“Gordon Matta-Clark. Anarchitect” at Jeu de Paume

Featuring one hundred artworks by Gordon Matta-Clark, the exhibition “Anarchitect” explores the importance of Matta-Clark’s practice towards a rethinking of architecture after modernism. Embracing a diversity of media that include photography, film and printmaking, the exhibition features a number of works related to contemporary urban culture that further contextualize Gordon Matta-Clark’s compelling critique of architecture.


Conical Intersect 1975 Gordon Matta-Clark Courtesy The Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark et David Zwirner, New York / Londres / Hong Kong. © 2018 The Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark / ADAGP, Paris

Conical Intersect, 1975, Gordon Matta-Clark, Courtesy The Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark et David Zwirner, New York / Londres / Hong Kong. © 2018 The Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark / ADAGP, Paris


Soon after completing his studies at Cornell University School of Architecture (1962-1968), Matta-Clark moved to New York and started developing a series of artworks in situ that seemed to perform an anatomy of sorts on the very body of the urban landscape by literally cutting structures apart and exhibiting the remnants as demonstration. (more…)

“Auto-matic” generative drawing at Arts Santa Monica in Barcelona

An exhibition that addresses the limits and potentials of generative drawing, emerging from data through mathematical and mechanical operations; raising questions on automation, reproducibility, and the role of the arbitrary or accidents as sources of creative experimentation.

machine 3 - plan view © Machinic Protocols - IAAC © photo. Xavier González

machine 3 – plan view © Machinic Protocols – IAAC © photo. Xavier González

In a time where society and culture are undergoing radical shifts, and due to the inevitable advancement of technology and its forceful intrusion within our lives, this research uses drawing, a creative practice known to all as a tool to explore and understand questions that can be intimidating to some, and exciting to others: What is the status of our relationship to technology today, and how can it enrich our practices, beyond optimization and efficiency? In a process involving both humans and machines, what are the limits of their respective roles? (more…)

“Invernaderos” Gaia Cambiaggi photography at Studio Gibel Palermo

The exhibition Invernaderos, curated by Emilia Giorgi, presents one of the most successful photographic research by Gaia Cambiaggi (Genoa, 1977), which investigates the transformations of the agro-food production system in the world, with particular attention to greenhouse agriculture.


"Invernaderos" © Gaia Cambiaggi

“Invernaderos” © Gaia Cambiaggi


The project, which will be presented for the first time in a dedicated monographic exhibition in the spaces of Studio Gibel in Palermo, will start in 2013 to intercept geopolitical issues related to the territory, the community economy and the flow of workers involved. (more…)

“Buildings for Automobiles – History and Transformations” exhibition at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

At the end of the 19th century, the Paris region became a hub for the automotive revolution. The spectacular, rapid diffusion of the “automotive vehicle” was accompanied by new kinds of constructions designed specifically for this new piece of technology.


"Buildings for automobiles" © Antoine Espinasseau

“Buildings for automobiles” © Antoine Espinasseau


At their peak, there were more than a hundred buildings in Paris devoted to cars, called garages, car hotels, or parking garages. Today, now that less than 35% of Parisian households own a car, these aboveground parking structures are clearing out. (more…)

“Nicolás Combarro. Form, Action” at CGAC Santiago

Nicolás Combarro (A Coruña, 1979) fits into a new spectrum of artists who work with photography. His work focuses on architecture and the concept of construction in coexistence with and feeding into the practice of documentation and intervention, the latter being understood as taking action on space and the landscape.


ST (Desvelar_Desplazar_I) © Nicolás Combarro

ST (Desvelar_Desplazar_I) © Nicolás Combarro


His work as a professor and curator of exhibitions with outstanding artists such as photographer Alberto García-Alix and painter Miguel Ángel Campano, have enabled him to develop the precision and artistic versatility that define his perception. (more…)

“Manifesta 12 Education Hub” ENORME Studio within Manifesta 12 Palermo

Education Hub is a project of Manifesta 12 Education Department made in collaboration with the University and Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo and the transport company AMAT. Education Hub is generously supported by DGAAP, the Contemporary Art and Architecture Department of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism.


"Manifesta 12 Education Hub" © ENORME Studio

“Manifesta 12 Education Hub” © ENORME Studio


The Hub is a travelling education platform to reach out to and engage with various communities in the neighbourhoods of Palermo throughout the duration of Manifesta 12. The project is set up in a city bus, radically transformed by the students of the University of Palermo (Industrial Design course led by prof. Viviana Trapani) and Academy of Fine Arts (Graphic Design course led by prof. Cinzia Ferrara) under the guidance of Madrid-based architectural bureau ENORME Studio. (more…)

“Portrait of a Landscape” exhibition at S AM Basel

From the 7th of July to the 16th of September 2018, the S AM Swiss Architecture Museum presents the exhibition “Portrait of a Landscape” by Pierre-Philippe Hofmann. This Belgian-Swiss artist has hiked across Switzerland along ten axes – from the outermost borders to the geographical centre: Älggi Alp in the canton Obwalden.


Portrait of a Landscape © Pierre-Philippe Hofmann

Portrait of a Landscape © Pierre-Philippe Hofmann


Along the way, Hofmann captured countless images, thus producing a gigantic panorama of the country. Now, his video installation at S AM offers visitors a new way of experiencing Switzerland as a space. This exhibition is a continuation of the research into Switzerland that the museum commenced with its “Schweizweit” show. After the architectural portrait of Switzerland conveyed by that exhibition in 2016/2017, a territorial portrait of Switzerland is now revealed. With this exhibition, S AM is also launching a new mediation programme for children and youths: summer holiday workshops with city tours and hands-on activities. (more…)

“Anish Kapoor: Works, Thoughts, Experiments” at Serralves Museum

There are few living artists of our time who have achieved the recognition and the renown of Anish Kapoor (b. Mumbai, 1954). His vast and profound sculptural work has been conceived for and on the scale of bodies, cities and the landscape, and the myriad contexts in which they are located, from the urban scale of metropolitan centres such as London, Naples, New York and Chicago, and the rolling hillsides of England and New Zealand.


"Anish Kapoor: Works, Thoughts, Experiments" © Serralves

“Anish Kapoor: Works, Thoughts, Experiments” © Serralves


In recent years, Kapoor also has been invited to present his work in some of the world’s most beautiful formal gardens, including London’s Kensington Gardens and the Palace of Versailles. The gardens and museum of the Serralves Foundation offer a platform of a different history and spatial order in which to encounter the work of the artist. (more…)

“Paradigma” Gianluca Peluffo & Partners at the Museo Novecento

Three projects by GianlucaPeluffo&Partners on which the studio is working in Egypt are presented in the exhibition within the second round of “Paradigma. The drawing-board of the architect” at the Museo Novecento, a project made by Sergio Risaliti and curated by Laura Andreini.


Mosque © Gianluca Peluffo & Partners

Mosque © Gianluca Peluffo & Partners


The material exposed at the Museo Novecento concerns the foundation of a city – “Il Monte Galala” in Sokhna at the Red Sea and of a new Mosque, both are commissions of the Egyptian society Tatweer Misr. The project of Il Monte Galala has won in 2016 the Dubai Cityscape Award for the best Masterplan in the Middle East region. The second project is characterized by a role for which the architectural language is decisive and that immediately defines the relationship with the location in genealogical terms as wells as regarding a possible future. The third project finally looks at the El Alamein War Museum located at the Mediterranean cost, commissioned by the Ministry of Housing and New Urban Communities of Egypt. (more…)

“Denise Scott Brown: Wayward Eye” photography of the 1950s and 1960s at Betts Project

Betts Project is pleased to announce ‘Wayward Eye’ an exhibition of photography of the 1950s and 1960s by legendary architect-planner and theorist Denise Scott Brown. This will be Scott Brown’s first solo exhibition in the UK. ‘I’m not a photographer. I shoot for architecture — if there’s art here it’s a byproduct. Yet the images stand alone. Judge what you see.’


Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, 1966. © Denise Scott Brown

Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, 1966. © Denise Scott Brown


In 1956, Robert Scott Brown and I photographed architectural set pieces of Venice as records to return to while practicing in Africa. But in the process, more than architecture crept into our photographs. In 1965, after ten years of urbanism, my foci were automobile cities of the American Southwest, social change, multiculturalism, action, everyday architecture, “messy vitality,” iconography, and Pop Art. (more…)