“20 portraits of contemporary architecture” by Pablo Gómez Tribello

The exhibition shows a selection of representative faces of architecture in Spain –including Alberto Campo Baeza, BMIAA Winner 2015 and Jesús Mª Aparicio Guisado, BMIAA Prize President– in a photographic series in which the format, light, composition and portrait play a decisive role in giving us details on how do these architects compose space.


Enrique Sobejano © Pablo Gómez Tribello

Enrique Sobejano © Pablo Gómez Tribello


“20 portraits of contemporary architecture ” is a work of photographer Pablo Gómez Tribello. The exhibition is made up of  the portrait of 20 architects, represented in their own space. The selection combines architecture offices of national relevance from different parts of Spain, in a classic support such as 120mm film. Light and composition guide us to the scene before us, which adopts forms and nuances involved in this game in which space and the author are the two protagonists.


Practical information

“20 portraits of contemporary architecture” Pablo Gómez Tribello
April 29 – May 22, 2016
Tres Cantos Cultural Center “Adolfo Suarez”
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 2, 28760
Tres Cantos, Madrid


The work opens on April 29 at 19:00 at the Adolfo Suarez Tres Cantos Cultural Center and will be open until May 22.

Architects from different regions of Spain make up “20 portraits of contemporary architecture”, a series reflecting on the look and space through the photographic portrait and architecture itself, joining the most representative professionals of the architectural panorama in Spain in symbiosis within their own space. The result forms a work in which the personality of each face is especially important in space, through the effects of composition and light.


Juan Carlos Sancho Osinaga  © Pablo Gómez Tribello

Juan Carlos Sancho Osinaga © Pablo Gómez Tribello


The work has been fully realized in analog medium, black and  white 120mm format film which has been manually developed;  however, through digital processing, the photographer  adopts a post-process that makes better use of the resources of the analog film.

Both this and the selection of the 6×7 format, as well as the style and lighting technique are carefully designed to serve only the spatial concept portrayed. It is possible to speak of a conceptual style that searches to narrate only by the means of the portrait.


News source: Pablo Gómez Tribello
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