“Madrid a Medias. Free Urban Planning” at CentroCentro

November 19, 2017

Madrid, a medias is a new cycle of three exhibitions on the hopeful, welcoming and joyous city that has arisen during the last decade of crisis and indignation (2007-2017).


Celebración en El Campo-de-Cebada-del-primer-encuentro-TEDxMadrid-al-aire-libre-celebrado-en-2014-TEDxMadrid

Celebración en El Campo de Cebada del primer encuentro TEDxMadrid al aire libre celebrado en 2014 TEDxMadrid


The project shows the city that has sprung in urban gardens and social centres, in self-managed plots and neighbourhood spaces, social markets, and street parties. A half-finished city, created by many hands, open to new ideas, new hopes, and new collaborations and made with other materials and other resources. (more…)

Alberto Campo Baeza at El Patio Herreriano, Valladolid

September 29, 2017

The Spanish architect, winner of the BigMat ’15 International Architecture Award Grand Prize presents his work at El Patio Herreriano, a museum and gallery space located in a former monasetry cloister in his hometown, Valladolid, in one one of the most comprehensive retrospective exhibitions of his work to date.


Alberto Campo Baeza, Casa De Blas, 2000 © Hisao Suzuki

Alberto Campo Baeza, Casa De Blas, 2000 © Hisao Suzuki


The Patio Herreriano Museum and the College of Architects of Valladolid present a comprehensive compilation of the work of the Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza (Valladolid, 1946), featuring plans and models of the architect’s oeuvre.

Under the title of  “Projecting is investigating“, the architect from Valladolid introduces us to his work as a renowned designer, having been exhibited in cities such as Chicago, Rome or New York, as well as showing the relevant work carried out as research professor at the School of Architecture in Madrid (ETSAM). (more…)

Open House Madrid invites people to discover more than 100 buildings

September 21, 2017

The third edition of the Open House Madrid festival returns the weekend of 30 September and 1 October with the opening of more than 100 buildings and urban spaces, some of them whose waiting lists exceed two years.


IE Paper Pavilion / Shigeru Ban Architects © FG + SG

IE Paper Pavilion / Shigeru Ban Architects © FG + SG


The festival includes spaces such as the IE Paper Pavilion of the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, the 2014 Pritzker prize, the new Desert City space, the first biotechnology nursery specializing in cacti, by the architect Jacobo García-Germán, or SOLO gallery for the art collection by estudioHerreros. (more…)

Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism (BEAU) at Centro Niemeyer, Avilés

August 3, 2017

The Cultural Center designed by Brazilian architect Niemeyer is hosting until August 12 an exhibition showing the results of the XIII BEAU Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism, comprising the works of the architects awarded or shortlisted among the various categories of the Biennial.


'BEAU Spanish Biennal of Architecture and Urbanism' exhibition display © Centro Niemeyer

‘BEAU Spanish Biennal of Architecture and Urbanism’ exhibition display © Centro Niemeyer


The Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism (BEAU) is being shown in the Centro Niemeyer, a Center for the Arts and Culture in Avilés, Spain. The XIII BEAU, entitled Alternativas / Alternatives, has traveled to United States, France, Germany, Japan and Sweden. The exhibition, which also includes an additional 20 shortlisted works, features large-scale image displays and audiovisual commentary about the winning projects, as well as drawing reproductions and architectural models.  (more…)

“The Abstract Eclosion” at IVAM, Institut Valencià d’Art Modern

August 2, 2017

“The Abstract Eclosion” is one of the latest exhibitions at the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern, which explores the many faces of abstract art, ranging from early works to contemporary artists, comprising pictorial art as well as sculpture, installations and more theoretical approaches.


Luis Gordillo, Serie Limo 1991 © IVAM

Luis Gordillo, Serie Limo 1991 © IVAM


IVAM’s latest exhibition focuses on abstraction, looking at artists who understand line and colour as elements of a visual language equivalent to the function that words and sentences play in written or spoken language. A language whose aim is not so much to describe or narrate a specific situation as to produce sensations, experiences or emotions that are like a musical composition, a sequence of tones, rather than a descriptive narrative.

The exhibition, named La eclosión de la abstracción. Línea y color en la colección del IVAM (The Birth of Abstraction. Line and Colour in the IVAM Collection) includes a number of artists such as Antoni Tapiès, Luis Gordillo, James Turrell, Pierre Soulages and Lucio Fontana, among others.  (more…)

Learn all about BigMat’17 shortlisted projects for this year’s Architecture Award

July 27, 2017

Out of a total of almost nine hundred projects presented across the seven European countries taking part in the Award, 87 were shortlisted to participate in the online voting for the Public Prize. Learn more about the selected projects below!


BigMat International Architecture Award 2017 meeting room © photo: Pablo Tribello

BigMat International Architecture Award 2017 meeting room © photo: Pablo Tribello


Out of a total of almost nine hundred projects presented across the seven European countries taking part in the Award (Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Portugal), the panel of judges chaired by Jesús Aparicio and comprising Xaveer de Geyter (Belgium), Henrieta Moravčíková (Czech Republic + Slovakia), Marc Barani (France), Francesco Isidori (Italy), Paulo David (Portugal + Spain), and awards secretary Jesús Donaire, singled out 87  projects to be shortlisted.  (more…)

SOLO House by Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen

July 13, 2017

The first house was completed three years ago by the Chilean duo Mauricio Pezo and Sofia Von Ellrichshausen, and the second «second home» by The Belgium architects Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen was inaugurated this spring.


Solo House / OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen © Bas Princen

Solo House / OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen © Bas Princen


The Office KGDVS project seemingly provides all the basic structural elements: a concrete foundation, (but shaped as a circular “catwalk”), a façade corresponding with the three inhabited segments (but perforated and with the feature to be shifted around the circumference if needed), a simple flat roof supported by four rows made up of nine columns which cut chords from the circular base (but with all technical infrastructure – photovoltaic panels, water tanks and generators – exposed as though sculptural objects), and a set of furniture (but all directly connected to the supporting columns). In this project all conventions are questioned and then given a solid new answer.  (more…)

Opening of Centro Botín, cultural facilities by Renzo Piano Building Workshop

June 30, 2017

The building lies on the edge of Pereda Gardens, hovering 20 meters over the sea. Composed by two lobal-shaped volumes, the Centro Botín reflects the sunlight and the sparkles of the water through 280,000 small ceramic tiles that cover the building’s façade.


Centro Botín. Renzo Piano Building Workshop, 2017 © Enrico Cano

Centro Botín. Renzo Piano Building Workshop, 2017 © Enrico Cano


Renzo Piano Building Workshop’s latest construction, the Centro Botín in Santander, Spain, was inagurated last week. The building is a Cultural and Arts Centre for the Botín Foundation, which has a history of over 50 years of dissemination and promotion of educational programmes in the realms of the arts and culture, education, science and rural development.

Besides the building design, the surrounding public garden area has also been renovated by creating an underground tunnel and restoring existing small-scale buildings in the park in order to adapt them to new uses, such as cafeteria, visitor’s information and tourist office, etc. The garden design also comprises the implementation of a series of fountain sculptural works by Cristina Iglesias, a renowned Spanish sculptor famous for her naturalistic pieces.


“City in Process” at CentroCentro: new spaces for culture in Madrid

May 7, 2017

City in Process (Ciudad en proceso) is the fourth and final show in the Architecture, City and Thought Hub (Concentrador de arquitectura, ciudad y pensamiento) series of exhibitions curated by Inés Caballero. On this occasion, the space presents a reflection on the practices involved in developing spaces for culture currently underway in Madrid.


ColeccionSOLO © EstudioHerreros

ColeccionSOLO © estudioHerreros


The event presents five projects currently underway: Dos de Mayo Art Centre by the Office For Political Innovation; El Capricho Palace Museum by Cuarq Arquitectos; the SOLO Collection by Estudio Herreros; the Mahou Space by Héctor Fernández Elorza; and GRIGRI Pixel by Enorme Estudio. (more…)

“A golden age: Architecture in Asturias 1950-1965″ exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum of Asturias

April 21, 2017

The exhibition is organised in 6 sections and comprises 105 panels, 52 original documents, 15 pieces of furniture and 8 works of art, allowing the visitor to bring together a latent collective imagination which is none other than that of the architecture itself as seen everyday.


Proaza Power Station, Don Joaquin Vaquero Palacios 1965 © Fotofilatelia

Proaza Power Station, Don Joaquin Vaquero Palacios 1965 © Fotofilatelia


Based on the book “Modernity again: Architecture in Asturias 1950-1965″, by Fernando Nanclares and Nieves Ruiz -awarded with the Prize of the Architect’s Association of Asturias-, the exhibition “A golden age: Architecture in Asturias 1950-1965″ shows a new interpretation on the golden age of modern Asturian architecture, developed during the fifties and the first part of the sixties. During these years, the modern spirit  and the avant-garde ideas that had already given excellent results during the times of the Second Spanish Republic (1931 – 1939) emerged again.  (more…)