“The value in mathematics – How do we learn?” exhibition by Falke Pisano at C3A Córdoba

March 16, 2017

In her latest series of works, “The value in mathematics”, Pisano examines the often overlooked relationship between culture and mathematics. Through sculptures, texts, diagrams, and videos, she investigates how western cultural values, such as progress, rationality, and universality, have influenced the way we have come to think about mathematics.


"The value in mathematics - How do we learn?", exhibition view © Álvaro Carmona

“The value in mathematics – How do we learn?”, exhibition view © Álvaro Carmona


Falke Pisano‘s work (Netherlands, 1978), is based on long-term projects, which she conceives as organised fields of research, production, and reflection. Her installations explore the status of knowledge and learning programmes with the aid of diagrammatic structures and abstract sculptural forms. (more…)

“Modelling for the camera. Photography of architectural models in Spain, 1925–1970″ at ICO Madrid

February 23, 2017

Through this exhibition, Museo ICO focuses on, for the very first time in Spain, the role of models and the photography thereof in the creation of the image of architectural modernity in Spain.


Sede de los Laboratorios JORBA, Madrid, 1965. Miguel Fisac Serna. Fotografía © C. Jiménez. Imagen cortesía de La Fábrica

Sede de los Laboratorios JORBA, Madrid, 1965. Miguel Fisac Serna. Fotografía © C. Jiménez. Imagen cortesía de La Fábrica


The exhibition features 138 photographs, 14 albums and contact sheets, 20 magazines, 13 models and one projection, for the large part, all specimens are originals that reflect on modern architecture. The photographs were taken by around 35 photographers over more than four decades. Francesc Català-Roca, Kindel, Pando, Luis Lladó, Oriol Maspons-Julio Ubiña, Francisco Gómez, are just a few of the photographers on show at this exhibition.

Their cameras captured the models used for the most noteworthy architectural projects in modern history, and other less known projects, undertaken by the best Spanish architects of the mid- 20th century, such as Josep Lluís Sert, Miguel Fisac, José Antonio Coderch, Francisco de Asís Cabrero, Javier Carvajal, Alejandro de la Sota and Fernando Higueras. 

“Navidad en RE! – Christmas in Re! REuse REduce” triple installation by Spanish collective Basurama

December 8, 2016

Basurama proposes three ephemeral art installations set in the CaixaForum facades of Barcelona, Madrid and Zaragoza that are made with the residues generated by Christmas consumption. The main objective is to focus on the waste generated in these holidays.


“Christmas in Re!” installation, CaixaForum Zaragoza © Asier Rua


The artistic process had the support of hundreds of people, who got involved in the project, by taking residues to the storage systems, settled by Basurama in the three buildings. The installations are opened until January 8th. (more…)

“Lost in the city” Urban life in the IVAM Collection

December 2, 2016

The central idea of this exhibition is to display a large number of works that will allow us to see the manifold visions, the different spaces and the large number of human lives that made up city life in the last century through the works in the collection of the IVAM.


Paul Citroën. Metropolis, ca. 1923 © IVAM

Paul Citroën. Metropolis, ca. 1923 © IVAM


The exhibition brings together about 300 works belonging to the collection of the IVAM, recently enriched with funds ceded in deposit by Cal Cego and Juan Redón. An important selection of paintings, sculptures, photographs and videos by artists like Paul Citroën, Jan Kamman, Lee Friedlander or César Domela, Walker Evans, Horacio Coppola or Gabriel Cualladó, to Sigmar Polke, Gregory Crewdson, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Miquel Navarro, Bernd and Hilla Becher or Gordon Matta Clark. (more…)

MEIAC in Badajoz, Spain, to host Justo García Rubio’s retrospective exhibition

November 24, 2016

Over a hundred original drawings and models by the Spanish architect, author of the renowned bus station in Casar de Cáceres, will bring the visitors closer to the unique architectural language of García Rubio.


Justo García Rubio, Bus Station. Casar de Cáceres © Justo García Rubio

Justo García Rubio, Bus Station. Casar de Cáceres © Justo García Rubio


On Tuesday, November 8, the MEIAC Museum in Badajoz, Spain inaugurated the exhibition dedicated to architect Justo García RubioJusto García Rubio is considered a referential figure of contemporary avant-garde in Spanish architecture. His buildings, generally located in small towns in the heart Spain, are an example of the combination of modern architecture with a very personal and artistic approach from the author, whose creativity is not stopped by a limited budget. (more…)

Retrospective exhibition revisits 38 years of Manuel Gallego’s architecture

November 11, 2016

Presented last spring at Barrie Foundation’s headquarters in La Coruña, the Spanish architect’s retrospective arrives in Vigo with 16 models, 24 large-format drawings, over 400 photographs and two videos about the author: “Through the territory of architecture with Manuel Gallego” and “Masters of Architecture”.


“Manuel Gallego. Architecture 1967-2015″ © Courtesy of Barrie Foundation

“Manuel Gallego. Architecture 1967-2015″ © Courtesy of Barrie Foundation


The  Barrié Foundation’s exhibition gallery in Vigo, Spain, will be offering from October 28 until March 5, 2017 a retrospective exhibition prepared last year on the occasion of Manuel Gallego’s 38 years of work as an architect. The exhibition “Manuel Gallego. Architecture 1967-2015″, curated by the author himself and designed by architect and photographer Paul G. Picard’s, was presented last November at the Foundation’s headquarters in La Coruña, Spain.

This is the first retrospective on the architect, who was Spanish National Architecture Prize in 1997. The exhibition was produced by Barrie Foundation in collaboration with the office of Manuel Gallego Jorreto. (more…)

“Stakeout Survey” abandoned territories by Jorge Yeregui at Tabacalera Madrid

October 24, 2016

The artist’s work -photographs, audiovisual media, and a book- explores these abandoned territories raising questions regarding urban design and landscape practices.


"Stakeout Survey" © Jorge Yeregui

“Stakeout Survey” © Jorge Yeregui


La Fragua Galery in Tabacalera, Madrid hosts a photography exhibition by Spanish artist Jorge Yeregui. Halfway between Robert Smithson’s “Monuments of Passaic”  and the work by Hamish Fulton or Francis AlysYeregui’s photographs and videos portray a series of wastelands and unused spaces which were abandoned and forgotten after the construction industry bubble following the 2008 world economy crisis. (more…)

“Atlas of the Ruins of Europe” showing at CentroCentro Madrid

October 6, 2016

The exhibition, open until the end of January, elaborates a new account of the history and memory of Europe, searching for new narratives and a personal reflection of the visitor.


C.A.S.I.T.A. [Loreto Alonso, Eduardo Galvagni y Diego del Pozo) Vallas de la frontera entre Ceuta y Melilla 1985-2014 2014. Serie de 12 grabados intervenidos  Cortesía de los artistas

C.A.S.I.T.A. (Loreto Alonso, Eduardo Galvagni y Diego del Pozo) Vallas de la frontera entre Ceuta y Melilla 1985-2014. Serie de 12 grabados intervenidos. Cortesía de los artistas


CentroCentro, Madrid’s Town Hall cultural centre has recently inaugurated the exhibition “Atlas of the ruins of Europe“, a new project which is part of the centre’s seasonal program reflecting on Europe since last May. Organized and produced by CentroCentro, the exhibition explores the ruins of modern European infrastructures, taking more than  140 examples -prints, books, paintings, photographs, video and other documents- from over a hundred artists, ranging from the century XVI to the present.


Sepia-colored Tunisia: photographs from the 1892 European Historical Exhibition

August 12, 2016

The photographs, which belong to some of the oldest collections in the Archeological Museum in Madrid, feature Tunisian architectures, monuments, cities and landscapes, as well as its society’s traditions.


Sepia-colored Tunisia: photographs from the 1892 European Historical Exhibition © MAN

Sepia-colored Tunisia: photographs from the 1892 European Historical Exhibition © MAN


The Archeological Museum in Madrid is presenting an exhibition showcasing some of the most representative images and photographs from the museum’s archives, going back to the very first exhibition displayed at the MAN. The name of the exhibition, “Túnez en sepia” (Sepia-colored Tunisia) is a comprehensive collection of original photographs showing the customs and society of nineteenth-century Tunisia which were donated by the Bey of Tunisia himself. (more…)

“Gabriele Basilico, architecture and city” photographs from the collections of MAXXI in Madrid

July 18, 2016

The exhibition is a journey through several Italian and international cities -Rome, Milan, Genova, Naples, Palermo, Beirut- envisioned through the eyes of one of the most important interpreters of contemporary photography.


Roma, Palazzina San Maurizio © Gabriele Basilico

Roma, Palazzina San Maurizio © Gabriele Basilico


The Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid presents, as a part of the International Photography Festival PHOTOESPAÑA2016,  the exhibition “Gabriele Basilico, architecture and city. Photographs from the collections of MAXXI”, curated by Margherita Guccione with Simona Antonacci. (more…)