10th Ibero-American Architecture and Urban Planning Biennial exhibition at La Triennale di Milano

May 13, 2017

The exhibition includes the architectural and urban planning projects, publications, research projects, architecture student proposals and videos selected in every category from the 10th Ibero-American Architecture and Urban Planning Biennial, which were produced in 2013-2015 in the countries that comprise the Ibero-American community.


Arquipélago - Centro de Artes ContemporâneasFrancisco Vieira de Campos, Cristina Guedes, João Mendes Ribeiro

Arquipélago – Centro de Artes Contemporâneas Francisco Vieira de Campos, Cristina Guedes, João Mendes Ribeiro


The Ibero-American Architecture and Urban Planning Biennial (BIAU) was launched in 1998 by the Spanish government with the intention of making it one of the key events for understanding the current situation and future prospects of architecture and urban planning in the Ibero-American world. Curated by Ángela García de Paredes and Ignacio Pedrosa,Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos. (more…)

“Aldo Rossi and Milan, 1955-1995″ at Ordine degli Architetti Milano

April 20, 2017

The architect’s association’s headquarters in Milan  is hosting the exhibition “Aldo Rossi and Milan, 1955-1995″: an itinerary through original drawings, study models, and documents of one of the most significant figures of Italian architecture of the twentieth century.


"Aldo Rossi and Milan, 1955-1995" © Fondazione Aldo Rossi

“Aldo Rossi and Milan, 1955-1995″ © Fondazione Aldo Rossi


The exhibition reinterprets some of the Milanese projects by Aldo Rossi throughout  40 original works accompanied by study models, writings,  and notes focusing on his work in -and about- the city of Milan, from his training at the Polytechnic in the fifties, his studies for the Scalo Farini presented at the XII Triennale in the early sixties, the Monument to the partisans of Segrate (1965-67) and Monte Amiata Gallaratese (1968-1973), up to the expansion of the airport of Linate and the competition for Bovisa in the nineties. (more…)

“Pier Luigi Nervi, the model as a tool of design and construction” at Politecnico di Milano

March 20, 2017

This exhibition brings together three recent experiences on the question of the “model” as a tool of representation of architecture, to share and compare recent studies around this theme.


Pier Luigi Nervi, Palazzetto © Pier Luigi Nervi

Pier Luigi Nervi, Palazzetto © Pier Luigi Nervi


The show is part of the research in progress in Italian and European polytechnic schools, which by examining exemplary works like those of Pier Luigi Nervi has triggered a substantial rethinking of the relationships between the disciplines of engineering and architecture in the field of tools and techniques of design and construction. (more…)

“Armin Linke. The Appearance of That Which Cannot be Seen” at PAC Milano

December 27, 2016

On the occasion of the 12th edition of the Contemporary Day dedicated to Italian art, the PAC presents The Appearance of That Which Cannot be Seen, an exhibition as a process of activating the archive of Armin Linke (*1966 in Milan) through dialogue


Greenhouse, El Ejido Spain, 2013 © Armin Linke

Greenhouse, El Ejido Spain, 2013 © Armin Linke


Armin Linke has set the initial frame by sharing photographs with thinkers from various fields and inviting them to react. By reading these images through their theories and concepts, each produces a selection illustrating their vision of contemporary society. These selections enter the exhibition organized as a changing topology of dialogues, transforming themselves in relation to PAC’s modernist architecture. (more…)

“Creative Empathy. Five construction projects by Mario Cucinella Architects” at Triennale

November 23, 2016

Promoted by the Bologna studio in partnership with the Triennale, the exhibition illustrates, through an installation of projects and specific thematic encounters, five interventions under way in the capital of Lombardy, designed for sustainability and destined to change the skyline of the metropolis.


Creative Empathy © Mario Cucinella Architects

Creative Empathy © Mario Cucinella Architects


Five stories, five clients, five of the signature projects of the international architectural firm Mario Cucinella Architects to present an idea of the Milan of the future, a metropolis that grows in tune with the needs of its citizens and in harmony with nature. A dialogue between public and private, between client and architect: five stories to build a sustainable city. (more…)

“The Cathedrals of Energy” architecture, industry and landscape in Italy by Francesco Radino

October 27, 2016

The unprecedented colour photographic campaign, shot by Francesco Radino in 2016, illustrates the iconic buildings of the Azienda Energetica Municipale, all dedicated to the production of energy in Italy from north to south, with powerplants ranging from the early twentieth century to today.


Giochi d’acqua temporanei installati presso la ricevitrice nord Aem, Milano. Antonio Paoletti, 13 settembre 1938 Archivio storico fotografico Aem, Fondazione Aem, Milano

Giochi d’acqua temporanei installati presso la ricevitrice nord Aem, Milano. Antonio Paoletti, 13 settembre 1938. Archivio storico fotografico Aem, Fondazione Aem, Milano


With more than a hundred images the exhibition “Architecture, industry and landscape in the images by Francesco Radino and the Aem Historical Archives” tells about and describes the buildings, places and architectures of Aem, all dedicated to the production of energy in Italy from north to south. (more…)

The books of “The architecture of the city” by Aldo Rossi on display in Milan

September 22, 2016

Victoria Easton, Kersten Geers and Guido Tesio are the curators of an exhibition focused on the many different texts, references and graphical excerpts present in Rossi’s 1960’s acclaimed work, aiming to clarify the basic ideas of the original text.


 The books in "The Architecture and the City". Istituto Svizzero,  2016

The books in “The Architecture of the City”. Istituto Svizzero, 2016


The Istituto Svizzero di Milano (Swiss Institut in Milan) will be showing an exhibition on Aldo Rossi‘s acclaimed essay “The Architecture of the City“. The exhibition, curated by Victoria Easton, Kersten Geers (from KGDVS) and Guido Tesio, attempts to break down the main ideas of Rossi’s book by reorganizing and putting together the many texts and visual information contained in the original work, while proposing some new content that may help to better understand it: photographs, bibliography and facsimiles. (more…)

“Ljubodrag Andric. Works 2008 – 2016″ the textures in Architecture

August 14, 2016

These large-scale photographs are characterized by the absence of human figure and a strong formal structure that, despite the attention paid to realistic detail and space, is rooted in the various forms of geometric and material/textural abstraction.


Ljubodrag ANDRIC, China 21, 2013 © Ljubodrag Andric

Ljubodrag ANDRIC, China 21, 2013 © Ljubodrag Andric


Triennale di Milano presents an exhibition of photographs by Ljubodrag Andric, a renowned Serbian photographer  whose work revolves around architectural surfaces, textures and shapes. The exhibition, which is part of this year’s Triennale programmed events, has been curated by Demetrio Paparoni and will be on show at the Palazzo della Triennale. (more…)

“Gabriele Basilico, architecture and city” photographs from the collections of MAXXI in Madrid

July 18, 2016

The exhibition is a journey through several Italian and international cities -Rome, Milan, Genova, Naples, Palermo, Beirut- envisioned through the eyes of one of the most important interpreters of contemporary photography.


Roma, Palazzina San Maurizio © Gabriele Basilico

Roma, Palazzina San Maurizio © Gabriele Basilico


The Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid presents, as a part of the International Photography Festival PHOTOESPAÑA2016,  the exhibition “Gabriele Basilico, architecture and city. Photographs from the collections of MAXXI”, curated by Margherita Guccione with Simona Antonacci. (more…)

Community: Italy. Architecture, city and landscape from the postwar period to 2000

March 2, 2016

The exhibition aims to begin telling the story of Italian architecture of the late twentieth century as a whole, a story whose temporal proximity, along with other factors, had prevented a more broad and general discourse until now.


Superstudio, Morte. “Community: Italy Architecture” © Superstudio


The main body of the exhibition, which develops along the large curve on the ground floor of the Palazzo dell’Arte, consists of approximately 120 works, including models, original drawings and albums that illustrate the design aspects in detail. From Ludovico Quaroni, Ignazio Gardella and Aldo Rossi to Renzo Piano (to name only a few), works by the biggest names in the history of Italian architecture since the postwar period to the year 2000. Alongside the former are projects and works of those less celebrated yet equally important, like Guglielmo Mozzoni, Paolo Soleri and Arturo Mezzedimi. (more…)