“Interiors” everyday living space at MAXXI Rome

May 18, 2017

MAXXI presents the exhibition “Interiors: rooms of everyday” as part of this spring’s Re-Evolution series. The show follows Italian architect’s approach to interior space and design through the work of 10 of the most celebrated architects from 1930 to today: Scarpa, Rossi, Cini Boeri…


FRANCIS ALŸS Sleepers II, 2001  © Photo: Maurizio Cecchetti, courtesy Fondazione MAXXI

FRANCIS ALŸS Sleepers II, 2001 © Photo: Maurizio Cecchetti, courtesy Fondazione MAXXI


What is there inside architecture? All you need to do is open a door, cross a threshold and you are inside the space, a space which architects have always been asked to tackle.

From 6 May to 29 October 2017 in the spaces of the Archives Centre, the exhibition INTERIORS. Le stanze del quotidiano (The rooms of the everyday) curated by Margherita Guccione, Director of MAXXI Architettura, and Elena Tinacci, recounts those interior spaces which we experience every day, as interpreted by 10 Italian architects. (more…)