Open House Madrid invites people to discover more than 100 buildings

September 21, 2017

The third edition of the Open House Madrid festival returns the weekend of 30 September and 1 October with the opening of more than 100 buildings and urban spaces, some of them whose waiting lists exceed two years.


IE Paper Pavilion / Shigeru Ban Architects © FG + SG

IE Paper Pavilion / Shigeru Ban Architects © FG + SG


The festival includes spaces such as the IE Paper Pavilion of the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, the 2014 Pritzker prize, the new Desert City space, the first biotechnology nursery specializing in cacti, by the architect Jacobo García-Germán, or SOLO gallery for the art collection by estudioHerreros. (more…)

‘London Design Festival’ celebrates its 15th anniversary from 16 to 24 September

September 11, 2017

For nine days in September, London provides the stage for thousands of individual designers and artists, companies and organisations to present their latest works. The Festival invites visitors to take a closer look at their diverse output, from the commercial to the conceptual, the practical to the improbable.


Reflection Room by Flynn Talbot at Victoria and Albert Museum © London Design Festival

Reflection Room by Flynn Talbot at Victoria and Albert Museum © London Design Festival


London Design Festival celebrates and promotes London as the design capital of the world. Now in its fifteenth year, the Festival will be returning to venues and institutions across the city between the 16-24 September 2017. A major feature of the Festival is an ambitious programme of over 450 projects and events, offering Londoners and visitors to the city an opportunity to experience world-class, innovative, and challenging design across the capital.

Learn all about the different Design Districts here.  (more…)

Discover the 2017 Pilsen ‘Landscape Festival’ on it’s fifth anniversary

August 2, 2017

This yearly event, taking place from May to September, focuses on the many possibilities of the perception of our surroundings from an architectural approach. Exhibitions and site-specific installations set up a background for public dialog regarding landscape and architecture both in the Czech Republic and abroad.


OTTOTTO, workshop parallel path  © Matej Vesely

OTTOTTO, workshop parallel path  © Matej Vesely


From May to September, the landscape and public space of this West Bohemian metropolis will be the platform for a public dialogue on the possibilities of the perception of our surroundings. Once again, the Festival will present many inspiring exhibitions with examples of high-quality Czech as well as foreign landscape creations.

However, it is especially the site-specific installations by Czech and foreign artists and architects, which trigger a discussion on the future development and work potential in a modern and well-functioning city. In addition, debates, lectures, conferences and workshops on Festival themes will be held within the accompanying programme. (more…)

“The Abstract Eclosion” at IVAM, Institut Valencià d’Art Modern

August 2, 2017

“The Abstract Eclosion” is one of the latest exhibitions at the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern, which explores the many faces of abstract art, ranging from early works to contemporary artists, comprising pictorial art as well as sculpture, installations and more theoretical approaches.


Luis Gordillo, Serie Limo 1991 © IVAM

Luis Gordillo, Serie Limo 1991 © IVAM


IVAM’s latest exhibition focuses on abstraction, looking at artists who understand line and colour as elements of a visual language equivalent to the function that words and sentences play in written or spoken language. A language whose aim is not so much to describe or narrate a specific situation as to produce sensations, experiences or emotions that are like a musical composition, a sequence of tones, rather than a descriptive narrative.

The exhibition, named La eclosión de la abstracción. Línea y color en la colección del IVAM (The Birth of Abstraction. Line and Colour in the IVAM Collection) includes a number of artists such as Antoni Tapiès, Luis Gordillo, James Turrell, Pierre Soulages and Lucio Fontana, among others.  (more…)

‘O.M. Ungers. Programmatic Projects’ drawings at Politecnico di Milano

July 19, 2017

The exhibition shows, featuring original drawings from the UAA (Ungers Archiv für Architekturwissenschaft) of Cologne three key projects of this important moment of the design production of O.M. Ungers, of his morphological research to use form as the representation of an idea.


Deutsche Botschaft beim Heiligen Stuhl, Rom, 1965 © O.M. Ungers / Politecnico di Milano / UAA Köln

Deutsche Botschaft, beim Heiligen Stuhl, Rom, 1965 © O.M. Ungers / Politecnico di Milano / UAA Köln


Around 1965 Oswald Mathias Ungers (1926-2007) presented a series of competition projects with a strong programmatic character. These projects studied, in a conscious and precise way, the conceptual nature of architectural form – the form as representation of an idea – developing in a paradigmatic way basic morphological concepts, themes as transformation or assemblage.  (more…)

‘Fernando Guerra: A Photography Practice Under X-Ray’ at Garagem Sul

July 14, 2017

The CCB, Cultural Centre of Belém in Lisbon, presents the work of Portuguese photographer Fernando Guerra, whose camera has portrayed some of the most important contemporary buildings both in Portugal and abroad.


Fernando Guerra, a photography practice under x-ray © Fernando Guerra

Fernando Guerra, a photography practice under x-ray © Fernando Guerra


Architectural photography benefited, with the new millennium, from an exponential prevalence in the relation between architects and society. The FG+SG office has taken on the challenges that stemmed from the increased importance given to architecture and is nowadays an internationally recognised and award-winning photographic practice.

The progressive affirmation of the photographer and architect Fernando Guerra has gone hand in hand with the recent architectural production and his photographic reportage, which has spread on a global scale and constitute a privileged perspective of contemporary architecture. (more…)

“Entropy and Urban Space” the first major retrospective of Gabriele Basilico in Spain

June 6, 2017

The exhibition comprises 185 photographs, including his famous series “Milano, ritratti di fabriche”, as well as broad selection of over 70 books published by Basilico over the years and four videos on various aspects of his work, offering a general view of his entire photographic career.


Dunkerque, 1984 © Archivio Gabriele Basilico di Giovanna Calvenzi

Dunkerque, 1984 © Archivio Gabriele Basilico di Giovanna Calvenzi


Museo ICO presents “Gabriele Basilico. Entropy and Urban Space“,the first comprehensive retrospective of this Italian photographer in Spain. The exhibition of Basilico, known as The photographer of the city, explores his stylistic and conceptual evolution throughout his career, from the romantic view of his early days in search of visual order amid the apparent chaos of the postmodern metropolis.

A total of 185 photographs, a selection of over 70 books published by the Milanese photographer over the years and four videos offer us a view of his work throughout his photographic career. The show is part of the Official Section of PHotoEspaña 2017 and may be visited until 10 September. (more…)

“Ventura Rodríguez” drawings from the Municipal Archives at Madrid Conde Duque

May 31, 2017

This exhibition celebrates the 300 year anniversary of the city’s Chief Master Architect’s birth to remember the works that helped shape Madrid as we know it today. On display are many original drawings recovered form the City Hall’s public archive.


Ventura Rodriguez  and Madrid © Madrid City Hall

Ventura Rodriguez and Madrid © Madrid City Hall


Madrid is celebrating the 300-year anniversary of the birth of one of the architects that contributed to shape the Capital city ‘s architecture: Ventura Rodríguez, whose work will be displayed in the South Gallery of Conde Duque from May 17 to July 23. The exhibition, curated by Pedro Moleón, Javier Ortega Vidal and José Luis Sancho -two architects and a historian- highlights Ventura Rodríguez’s special talent for drawing, besides the interest of his architectural works.

This architect is responsible for some of the most emblematic spots in Madrid: he is the author of the famous Cybele, Neptune and Apollo fountains and designer of the Royal Palace’s chapel. (more…)

“Open to the public” VIB Architecture’s scientific facilities at La Galerie d’Architecture

May 30, 2017

Through a selection of photographs and drawings of the design and construction process, VIB attempt to show their approach to architecture when working in these very demanding, high-tech environments.


MTC, Medical Training Center (Rouen) © VIB Architecture. Photo: Cyrille Lallement

MTC, Medical Training Center (Rouen) © VIB Architecture. Photo: Cyrille Lallemen


La Galerie d’Architecture in Paris presents an exhibition on the latest works by French architects VIB Architecture. This architecture practice has become renowned by their work in the design and construction of some of the most relevant recent scientific facilities in France, comprising the Neurocampus in Bordeaux, Silos 13 in Paris, MTC in Rouen, ENSICAEN Engineering school in Caen, INSERM Cancer Research Centre in Toulouse, EASE in Strasbourg and Institut de l’Audition in Paris. (more…)

“CO.” architectural communication congress exhibition in Madrid

May 25, 2017

The exhibition features the work of young architect collectives whose approach to design is related to the different, alternative ways of architectural communication: social mediation, down-up processes, interdisciplinarity, networking…


CO. exhibition display © COCA Architectural Communication Congress

CO. exhibition display © COCA Architectural Communication Congress


The gallery space beneath the Spanish Ministry is hosting an architectural exhibition on the occasion of the 1st Architectural Communication Congress organized by MaCa and the Technical University of Madrid. The exhibition, which features work by architects and designers present during the Congress’ activities and lectures but also works by other so-called architectural collectives, focuses on a new form of architectural practice whose approach to architecture is strongly related to social mediation, alternative work platforms and citizens’ associations. (more…)