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February 1, 2018

Madrid Design Festival Madrid Design Festival is an international event that will convert Madrid into the capital of design and elevate the city to a privileged position on the international arena. The festival will be held in February 2018 and will encompass all design disciplines, from architecture to graphic design, communications to interior design, all of them hybridising into a contemporary and innovative format.


Kalevan kirkko, Tampere 1964-66. Arkkitehdit Raili ja Reima Pietilä.

Kalevan kirkko, Tampere 1964-66. Arkkitehdit Raili ja Reima Pietilä.


Madrid Design Festival is a widespread project that will infiltrate every corner of the city, becoming the very best tool to democratise design and transmit the importance of this discipline that transforms our lives each and every day. A language that can generate methodologies, change mentalities, positively alter our environment and, above all, redesign the world.


Practical information

Madrid Design Festival
February 1 – February 28, 2018
Various locations


The festival will be full of ambitious proposals that will place design on the city’s cultural calendar, attracting national and international visitors to its exhibits and workshops that will be held at different places throughout the capital. And to do so, Madrid Design Festival proposes a cross-disciplinary programme to showcase creations both from leading designers and new young professionals. Every February, the festival will convert Madrid into a city-wide celebration, opening the season during which the city becomes a cutting-edge space in the fields of design and creativity, with world-renowned events like the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid and the ARCO International Contemporary Art Fair.

Since its inception, Madrid Design Festival, devised and created by La Fábrica under the direction of Álvaro Matías, has worked in collaboration with an advisory committee made up of independent experts specialising in different fields: Fernando Gutiérrez, Toni Segarra, Ana Domínguez-Siemens, Paloma Cañizares, Juan Herreros, Alberto Barreiro, Izaskun Chinchilla and Jorge Penadés. All events information available at Madrid Design Festival webpage. 


Finnish architectural design: readings from Spain © Madrid Design Festival

Finnish architectural design: readings from Spain © Madrid Design Festival


Finnish architectural design: readings from Spain, from 07.02.18 a 08.02.18

Since Alvar Aalto visited Spain in 1951, Finnish architectural design has been the object of admiration and reflection by Spanish designers and architects. Their understanding of design as a phenomenon that can encompass all fields of human activity, joining tradition and modernity, was a model to follow for Spain, with cultural resonances that have endured until today. From the Ibero-American Institute of Finland, chaired by Pekka Heikkinen, vice-president of the Ibero-American Foundation of Finland and professor at Aalto University in Helsinki, the purpose of this conference is to bring the experiences of Finnish designers face-to-face with those of young Spanish architects with a strong link to Finnish culture, so that dialogues begin on current impacts between both architectural cultures.

The conference is coordinated by Lucía C. Pérez-Moreno, lecturer of History and Theory of Architecture at the University of Zaragoza, with the participation of Taisto H. Mäkelä, director of the Finnish Initiatives programme at the University of Colorado in Denver, United States.


To the rhythm of Jazz: Art Deco Design in the ABC Collection  © Madrid Design Festival

To the rhythm of Jazz: Art Deco Design in the ABC Collection © Madrid Design Festival


To the rhythm of Jazz: Art Deco Design in the ABC Collection

The ABC Museum exhibits, under the title To the rhythm of Jazz: Art Deco Design in the ABC Collection, a selection of its collections representing a review of interior design in the period of the first decades of the 20th century known as art deco, through the illustration of trends in the print media

At the hand of artists like Penagos, Rikardo, Santonja, Romley and Sáenz de Tejada, we can see, through refined interiors that showcase the models of urban living at a time of great social and artistic changes, one of the prime examples being the birth of jazz. New interiors in which an elegant living was projected, defined by avant-garde designer furniture, with their geometric lines and visual contrasts, as set by the latest trends. New proposals that were also included in decorating new technologies, with different materials like steel and Formica.

In the exhibition, selected sketches are presented along with original furniture, which share the same inspiration: the guidelines of the deco style, creating an overall ambience conducive for the objects and sketches to speak to each other and with the public.


Design Sauna © Madrid Design Festival

Design Sauna © Madrid Design Festival


Design Sauna, from 07.02.18 a 18.02.18

The Finnish sauna is known throughout the world for its multiple benefits for both mind and health. In Finland the sauna culture is so important that there are some 3.2 million saunas for a population of just over 5 million inhabitants. Apart from being a source of health, saunas are also a social and family event for the Finns. Madrid Design Festival, in collaboration with the Ibero-American Institute of Finland, offers you the chance to try out and experience the authentic Finnish sauna without even having to leave the city. This temporary Finnish sauna will be open to the general public.

The sauna design will be done by Jairo Rodríguez.  An architect and professor of architectural projects, and a true sauna expert, given that his doctoral thesis was a study on the historical evolution of the sauna in Finnish architecture.


Mountain on the Moon © Enorme Estudio

Mountain on the Moon © Enorme Estudio

Mountain on the Moon © Enorme Estudio

Mountain on the Moon © Enorme Estudio


Mountain on the Moon, from 07.02.18 a 25.02.18

For this reason, MINI and Enorme Studio, a young design firm specialising in the public space and participative dynamics is making an original proposal, with an installation situated in the mythical Plaza Santa María Soledad Torres Acosta in Madrid. This installation, in addition to being a meeting point for design and the city, will concern itself with the use of renewable energies. It will have USB charging points and reading points lit by solar energy, as well as the possibility to charge devices with the kinetic energy generated by movement. This new habitable and efficient equipment will try to work on the most pressing challenges of daily life.

Montaña en la Luna represents an opportunity to experiment based on the idea of a designer office and portable architecture, on the street and close to users, with which any and all new proposals for cities of the future must be co-designed. This new endeavour by MINI is framed within its objective of improving urban life, contributing to a rational use of resources and maximising the motto ‘Creative Use of Space’ inherent to the brand’s DNA.


News source: Madrid Design Festival
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