[Exhibition] ARCHI-SCULPTURE, interferences between architecture and sculpture

May 14, 2015

The exhibition aims to explore the interactions between architecture and sculpture, understanding the enrichment and interferences can be achieved through the dialogue between both worlds.


Wim DELVOYE "Cement Truck" Courtesy Galerie Perrotin, Paris © Tim Perceval


In 2015, in tribute to his member Tristan Fourtine, who died in January 2013, Danièle Kapel- Marcovici, President of the Villa Datris, a private foundation dedicated to contemporary sculpture, chose to organize ARCHI-SCULPTURE exhibition. This theme has become obvious, a combination of sculpture, the original purpose of the Foundation and architecture, in tribute to Tristan, enamored of contemporary art.


Sol LeWitt "Cube 3x3x3", 1979 Collection privée © Tim Perceval

Antti LOVAG "Sans Titre, 1993, Maquette" Collection FRAC Centre, Orléans © Tim Perceval


Eclectic, the ARCHI-SCULPTURE exhibition brings together a hundred pieces: sculptures and architectural models -of art as such- as well as sculptures and contemporary artists utopias around the theme of architecture.

As in previous thematic exhibitions of Villa Datris Foundation ArchiSculpture aims to address a wide audience, being alive and accessible, entertaining and surprising. Fully consistent with the origins of Villa Datris, ARCHI-SCULPTURE celebrates Tristan Fourtine, co-founder of the Villa Datris Foundation and architect, who spoke so passionately of “the diversity of viewpoints, space, movement, movement that art induces the volume.”


Lorenz ESTERMANN "Strandhaus VII" Courtesy LEVY Galerie, Hamburg  © Tim Perceval

Christophe BERDAGUER & Marie PEJUS. "Gue(ho)st House" Courtesy des artistes. © Tim Perceval

Etienne-Martin. "Etude pour une église á Bron Parilly, 1952-1953" Courtesy Succession Etienne-Martin, Etude pour une église á Bron-Parilly, Rhône © Tim Perceval


Arts of space and volume, architecture and sculpture share a fundamental reflection on the requirements of dimensional reports, interior and exterior concepts, structure and content, balance, coupled with a artistic quest. The architecture is nourished and inspired by the sculpture, as it is on the razor wire between technical constraints and search for harmony and innovative dimension.


Vincent MAUGER " Sans titre" Courtesy de l'artiste © Tim Perceval

Nicolas SCHÖFFER "Lux XI" Collection privée © Tim Perceval

Anne et Patrick POIRIER "Medusa d'Aphrodisias" Courtesy Anne et Patrick Poirier © Tim Perceval


At its final stage, architecture can become a sculpture by its own. In the same way, symmetrically, sculpture finds inspiration in architecture, reflecting the real contemporary issues. Current artists appropriate the notion of architecture, seize the frame components, and these then become the pretext and support of the work of art, construction and deconstruction. The architecture is present in all its forms, utopia, architecture of anticipation, spatial cities, organic architecture… Urban housing, hut, everything contributes to the idea on the place of life, its social dimension and its integration into the environment and nature.


Larissa SANSOUR "Maquette nation estate" Courtesy Galerie Anne de Villepoix, Paris © Tim Perceval


Villa Datris Foundation shows works of architects  -sometimes also sculptors-as varied as Le Corbusier, Claude Parent, Jean Nouvel, Shigeru Ban, Sou Fujimoto, Antti Lovag, Odile Decq

The other side of the exhibition is devoted to established and emerging contemporary sculptors with Etienne Martin, André Bloc, Eduardo Chillida, Francesco Marino di Teana, Tadashi Kawamata, Dan Graham, Sol LeWitt, Liam Gillick, François Morellet, Denis Pondruel, Sarah Oppenheimer, Annette Streyl, Anne & Patrick Poirier, Sarah Sze, Nicolas Schöffer, Betty Bui, Jean Denant


CIRIS-VELL "Palafittes-Horizon 2050" Courtesy de l'artiste © Tim Perceval


Some contemporary and international artists present works specially created for ARCHI-SCULPTURE, such as Hap Tivey, Amy Yoes, or Tilman will install a structure in the garden, and especially Daniel Buren who designed a site-specific work for La Villa Datris: Rise Colorful, playful metamorphosis of new exterior elevator, spectacular day and night.



Exhibition info

from May 14 - 1 November 1 2015
Villa Datris. 7, avenue des 4 Otages
84800 L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue
04 90 95 23 70 / info@villadatris.com
May-June - September – October: open from Thursday to Monday from 11h to 18h
July-August: open daily from 11h to 19h except Tuesday
Open on public holidays


Exhibition view © Tim Perceval

Exhibition view © Tim Perceval

Exhibition view © Tim Perceval

Exhibition view © Tim Perceval

Exhibition view © Tim Perceval

Exhibition view © Tim Perceval

Exhibition view © Tim Perceval



News source: Villa Datris