Future Events

Start End Name Town Country
2015-10-10 2017-10-10 [Exhibition] "Libera e permanente" at MAXXI's Collection Roma Italy
2016-05-18 2017-06-04 [Exhibition] "Lost in the city" Urban life in the IVAM Collection Valencia Spain
2016-07-25 2017-02-27 [Exhibition] Modernism on the Main: the Frankfurt Art School Berlin Germany
2016-09-12 2017-06-30 [Exhibition] "Tours et Detours: The History of La Défense (1883-1989)" Nanterre France
2016-10-06 2017-03-20 [Exhibition] "In the End: Architecture. Journeys through Time 1959 – 2019" Wien Austria
2016-10-26 2017-03-19 [Exhibition] Architecture and sexuality "1,000 m2 of desire" exhibition at CCCB Barcelona Spain
2016-10-28 2017-03-05 [Exhibition] "Manuel Gallego. Architecture 1967-2016" Vigo Spain
2016-11-09 2017-02-26 [Exhibition] "Carlo Scarpa and Japan" a focus on the link between the Italian master and Japanese culture Roma Italy
2016-11-09 2017-02-26 [Exhibition] "The Japanese House. Architecture & Life after 1945" at MAXXI Roma Italy
2016-11-09 2017-03-26 [Exhibition] Alvaro Siza's "Sacro" installation now at MAXXI Roma Italy
2016-11-10 2017-02-26 [Exhibition] R&Sie(n) retrospective at FRAC Orlelans: "s/he would rather do FICTION MAKER" Orleans France
2016-11-11 2017-03-12 [Exhibition] “Frei Otto. Thinking in Models” at ZKM Karlsruhe Karlsruhe Germany
2016-11-17 2017-02-26 [Exhibition] "Francis Kéré. Radically Simple" at Architekturmuseum der TU München Munich Germany
2016-11-18 2017-03-12 [Exhibition] "Dieter Rams. Modular World" furniture by the german master at Vitra Schaudepot Weil am Rhein Germany
2016-11-19 2017-05-07 [Exhibition] "Schweizweit. Recent Architecture in Switzerland" at S AM Basel 4001 Basel Switzerland
2016-11-24 2017-04-23 [Exhibition] "Fear and Love. Reactions to a complex world" London United Kingdom
2016-11-30 2017-03-11 [Exhibition] "Robert Adam’s London" – a new exhibition at Sir John Soane's Museum London England
2016-12-15 2017-02-27 [Exhibition] “30 Architects” at Pavillon de l’Arsenal Paris France
2016-12-16 2017-04-17 [Exhibition] Anish Kapoor at MACRO Roma Rome Italy
2017-01-03 2017-02-26 [Installation] Sergio Prego's "High Rise" installation at the new space by Andrés Jaque at CA2M Móstoles Spain
2017-01-14 2017-04-16 [Exhibition] "The Brutalist Playground" at Vitra Design Museum Weil am Rhein Germany
2017-01-15 2017-04-01 [Exhibition] "Anthroposophical Architecture: Rudolf Steiner" at Architectural Assotiation London London England
2017-01-18 2017-03-10 [Exhibition] "Saunas" at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery Praha-Staré Město Czech Republic
2017-01-19 2017-03-19 [Exhibition] "Mario Bellini: Italian Beauty" at La Triennale di Milano Milano Italy
2017-01-19 2017-02-25 [Exhibition] Betts Project presents 'Diorama', an exhibition of British architects Caruso St John London UK United Kingdom
2017-01-19 2017-03-04 [Exhibition] Tchoban Voss Architekten "Images from Berlin" at Architektur Galerie Berlin Germany
2017-01-27 2017-06-15 [Exhibition] "Architecture of Appropriation" Rotterdam Netherlands
2017-01-27 2017-06-25 [Exhibition] "Designing the Surface" at Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam Rotterdam Netherlands
2017-01-31 2017-05-21 [Exhibition] "Paris Haussmann. A Model's relevance" at Pavillon de l’Arsenal Paris France
2017-02-02 2017-06-25 [Exhibition] M.C. Escher at Palacio Gaviria Madrid Spain
2017-02-03 2017-03-16 [Exhibition] "Interpretazione di una forma" Rome Italy
2017-02-07 2017-03-31 "Unbuilt Mackintosh" model exhibition at The Lighthouse Glasgow Scotland
2017-02-08 2017-03-11 [Exhibition] "Altri Luoghi" by Andrea Branzi Milan Italy
2017-02-09 2017-02-27 [Exhibition] "Savage Architecture. Gian Piero Frassinelli, Superstudio and 2A+P/A" Milano Italy
2017-02-10 2017-03-05 [Exhibition] "Gio Ponti: Infinite Blue" at La Triennale di Milano Milano Italy
2017-02-14 2017-05-14 [Exhibition] "Modelling for the camera. Photography of architectural models in Spain, 1925–1970" at ICO Madrid Madrid Spain
2017-02-15 2017-04-17 [Exhibition] "Mission Île de la Cité: the heart of the heart" by Dominic Perrault Architecture Paris France
2017-02-17 2017-05-28 [Exhibition] Lyonel Feininger at Fundación Juan March Madrid Spain