‘Sémiose: Daufresne, Le Garrec & associés’ at La Galerie d’Architecture in Paris

August 31, 2017

Semiosis, the signification of a character regarding its context, is the word that the French architecture practice Daufresne, Le Garrec & associates have chosen to define their work in this exhibition, divided into five fundamental design processes: emergence, immersion, movement, metamorphosis and envelopment.


Maison d'Accueil 'Daufresne, Le Garrec & associés' architects. Franois © Sergio Grazia

Maison d’Accueil ‘Daufresne, Le Garrec & associés’ architects. Franois © Sergio Grazia


La Galerie d’Architecture in Paris comes back from summer holiays with a monographic exhibition on the architecture office Daufresne, Le Garrec & associés. The exhibition, named “Semiose” -French for ‘Semiosis‘, “the signification of a character regarding its context”- tries to portray these architects’ approach to architectural projects and design.

Divided into five so-called ‘architectural stances’, the exhibition also explains the French office’s recent change of name to “Séméio”, embodying the firm’s new structure while symbolizing the accumulated meaning of its projects and reflections.  (more…)

‘Landscape tuning’ a new project for the Danube, at Architekturgalerie München

August 25, 2017

The exhibition shows the plans for the re-naturation and re-design of the Danube river edges, proposing an urban park with a new path and stations. Drawings, models, projections and an audio-visual installation create an immersive environment where this unique project and its suggested interventions can be experienced.


'Landschaft Stimmung' exhibition at Architekturgalerie München © Photo: Saskia Wehler

‘Landschaft Stimmung’ exhibition at Architekturgalerie München © Photo: Saskia Wehler


Architektur Galerie München presents a long term, landscape research project by OFICINAA architects. By the name of “Landschaft Stimmung” - landscape tuning -, the project comprises a research and study phase, in which the Danube’s river edges are comprehensively studied through photographs, drawings and technical landscaping plans in collaboration with local communities; followed by a second, creative phase in which the architects propose several installations and architectural implements to improve the citizen’s relationship with this iconic landscape.

Together with the exhibition, the recently published book “Landscape tunings” showing the project is presented. To learn more about the book, published by ACTAR, press here(more…)

‘Constructing culture. West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong’ at AEDES Architecture Forum Berlin

August 24, 2017

One of the world’s largest cultural projects, the West Kowloon Cultural District will establish a dynamic quarter on 40 hectares of land. Featuring buildings by leading international architects including Herzog & de Meuron, Bing Thom Architects and UNStudio the district will deliver landmark architecture for cultural and outdoor facilities.


'West Kowloon Cultural District' Building Site © Aedes Architectur Forum

‘West Kowloon Cultural District’ Building Site © Aedes Architectur Forum


The latest exhibition at AEDES architecture forum in Berlin shows the planning and works in West Kowloon, Hong Kong, where over 40 hectares of reclaimed land from Victoria Harbour will be transformed into a new cultural quarter via one of the most ambitious cultural projects at the moment. The exhibition presents the emerging new quarter looking at its role as both a supporter of traditional culture and a pioneer in contemporary arts and innovation.  (more…)

“The ephemeral on stage” an hommage to Estate Romana’s ‘Teatrino Scientifico’

August 23, 2017

Estate Romana -Roman Summer- was an initiative that took cultural activities out of their traditional homes into the streets, the archaeological sites, the parks and public space. On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, MAXXI has partially reconstructed of one of its most iconic locations: the Teatrino Scientifico.


Interiors of the Teatrino scientifico by Franco Purini & Laura Thermes, Il meraviglioso Urbano, via Sabotino, 1979  © Courtesy Fondazione MAXXI

Teatrino scientifico by Franco Purini & Laura Thermes, Il meraviglioso Urbano, 1979 © Fondazione MAXXI


Forty years after its original installment, MAXXI remembers ‘Estate Romana‘ through the recontruction of one of it’s most symbolic structures: the Teatrino Scientifico of Franco Purini and Laura Thermes.

Under the name of “The ephemeral on stage“, MAXXI is presenting a project that, with a series of shows, conferences and workshops devoted to discussion of its heritage and its currency, celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first edition of the Estate Romana and underlines the potential of cultural and artistic activities as primary instruments of the redevelopment of the city and the communities that inhabit it. (more…)

‘landskatinganywhere’ presents the history of architecture, cities and skateboards

August 18, 2017

The “landskatinganywhere” exhibition realized by Arc en Rêve, architecture center in Bordeaux, celebrates the practice of skateboarding and its relationship with architecture and the city through a series of photograhs, models and life-scale replicas of skating modules.


'Landskatinganywhere' at arc en rêve centre d'architecture, Bordeaux © Rodolphe Escher

‘Landskatinganywhere’ at arc en rêve centre d’architecture, Bordeaux © Rodolphe Escher


The ambition of landskatinganywhere is to make known and acknowledge skateboarding in its cultural and artistic dimensions. Conflicts of use are real: often perceived as some sort of troublemakers authorized to play in the skateparks, where they have their own “right to the city”, skaters explore, test and negotiate public space.  (more…)

“The Guggenheim: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Iconoclastic Masterpiece” edited by Yale University Press

August 18, 2017

The latest book by Francesco Dal Co, renowned historian and former member of the BigMat Award Jury, tells the captivating tale of the plans and personalities behind one of New York City’s most radical buildings: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum.



Guggenheim Museum. Section drawing, 1944 © Yale Books

Guggenheim Museum. Section drawing, 1944 © Yale Books


Yale Books has recently released a book on one of the most iconic buildings in the city of New York: the Solomon Guggenheim Museum, designed by American Modern classic architect Frank Lloyd Wright, author of the early Modern Prairie Houses and Organic style Villas. Renowned historian, art critic and architect Francesco Dal Co is the author of this comprehensive research book, which displays one of the most intrincate historical, social and constructive details of the building yet.

Francesco Dal Co is professor at IUAV and director of the architecture magazine Casabella. In 2013 he formed part of the BigMat ’13 International Architecture Award Jury.  (more…)

Five photographers interpret products by Vico Magistretti in ‘Fuori catalogo’

August 17, 2017

The selected objects are a lightstand, a table, a bookshelf and two chairs: all of which are iconic objetcs, with distinct stories to tell, all five designs are remarkably contemporary. Magistretti’s designs continue to be sources of inspiration for future projects while offering a critical comment from the past.


Chair Selene, Artemide, 1969 © Calypso Mahieu

Chair Selene, Artemide, 1969 © Calypso Mahieu


The exhibition Fuori catalogo, organised by Fondazione studio museo Vico Magistretti in co-production with ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne, is curated by Anniina Koivu, Head of Theory Master of ECAL and Francesco Zanot, photography critic and curator of exhibitions, including the opening exhibit of Osservatorio Prada in Milan.

Fuori catalogo is an exhibition that looks at five Vico Magistretti designs, all of which are out of production, through the lenses of five young photographers.  (more…)

“Relations” by Snøhetta at AUT: a social landscape in which to sit, play and walk

August 16, 2017

The exhibition features an site-specific installation and a several rooms displaying Snøhetta —and their collaborator’s— work: contrasting designs, materials and prototypes with the finished project, it is possible to see the Norwegian office’s approach to the design process and built architecture.


"Social Landscape" installation at  „Snøhetta: Relations“ © Günter Richard Wett

“Social Landscape” installation at „Snøhetta: Relations“ © Günter Richard Wett


Especially conceived for the aut exhibition, “Relations” makes the interdisciplinary, social and landscape-related approach so characteristic of Snøhetta visible and experiential.

A “social landscape” has been constructed as the main element — one you can lay, sit or walk on — which wants to animate people to a new type of spatial perception or invite them to have a picnic. In addition, a set of projects will be shown with sketches, designs, prototypes, models and photographs.  (more…)

‘Piranesi. La fabbrica dell’utopia’ at Palazzo Braschi in Rome

August 14, 2017

With more than 200 graphic works, kindly loaned by the Giorgio Cini Foundation and the collections of the Museo di Roma in Palazzo Braschi, the exhibition shows the most significant works of the Venetian artist, an extraordinary inkjet maker and central figure for the figurative culture of the 18th century Europe. 


Giovanni Battista Piranesi. Mausoleo di Cecilia Metella, 1762 © Museo di Roma

Giovanni Battista Piranesi. Mausoleo di Cecilia Metella, 1762 © Museo di Roma


Piranesi was a great engraver and architect devoted to the rediscovery of archeology who applied his Venetian artistic education to an immediate passion for the grandiose ruins of Rome, where he moved in 1740.

His vast watercolor production, featuring spectacularly exaggerated prospective visions and violent luminous effects, made him one of the most successful artists in a rapidly expanding artistic market such as the Roman was in the culminating period of the Grand Tours.


JSWD Architects present their work in ‘hautnah’, an exhibition at RIBA London

August 12, 2017

The Cologne-based firm JSWD Architekten present an itinerant exhibition on their most iconic works from the last 15 years. Focusing on details, façade and overall design composition, the exhibition will be showing at The Practice Space, RIBA, until August 27.


Maison de L'Histoire Europeénne, Brüssel © Foto: Christa Lachenmaier

Maison de L’Histoire Europeénne, Brüssel © Foto: Christa Lachenmaier


​The exhibition “hautnah” shows – in schematized images – details of completed projects by JSWD Architects. Individually tailored solutions are the result of a precise site response to functions and needs analysis – producing structures that offer a protective, intelligent and efficient “outer shell”, which will also serve to tell the developer’s story.  (more…)